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Hey mobsters!

Have you guys tried the challenge today? It's a cardmatch thingy.

I just completed twice in like four tries without really trying. I was just playing my own game and if it completes then fine and if it doesn't then I can just restart with a new cardmatch board. I got a whopping 1$ and 2$ for my efforts... then I checked the odds and I was actually kinda lucky cause its 66% chance to get 1$. I would expect better from stars but hey I made 7$ playing + the 3$ they gave me so can't complain.

GL guys

1 to 100000 chance of winning 2500$ is always a 100 x better than a jackpot in Lotto.
OmG, Amaya is going to turn out PokerStars in one big online Casino soon.

Right, thats a better Chance than playing Lotto...better a small Chance of a big winning than nothing in my opinion. And it's only a game. That bring some fun and they offer a lot of different challenges in the christmas calendar.

Anytime you can win anything for free is a good time in my opinion. These sites do not have to give away these promotions and i appreciate every single dollar i have ever had off any of them. Congratz on the win

Resourceful and knowledgeable statisticians, data analysts, marketing specialists, etc., on Amaya or PokerStars are just doing their jobs. They are not dumb.
Yet there is a small percentage of the customers who are capable of taking advantage of their system.

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well as I see on this stars calendar,they only give things when you play something,nothing for free!but dont know what they had on first and second day!probably its not like on other sites,where they give something for free!freerolls,free spins or whatever!

dule-vu worse offers not seen anywhere, hahaha this is ridiculous offer, I think I will not accept any offer from poker stars, you said that at the party casino was not good promotions, what will you say to this promotion on Stars Big Smile

the best site is 888poker by far. its really taken over the game since pokerstars sold.

the card match for pokerstars has been the best promotion they have offered this year. it works for both players and them, it gives me a reason to play cash tables and gets them more rake.

I like these kind of promotions.
Finished all 3 cards out if 3 attempts.

2x$1 and 1x$2
Also made around 5 bucks from playing so nice $9 profit out off it

Also won around $5 for the betting promotion to win 7 daysin a row to enter 10k all-in shootout

In opposite to demmolen1990 I hate this promotion, because it cost me alot of stress only.

At the beggining of my "poker day", I've been trying my luck playing ZOOM at $0,05/010 Limit 9-ner tables and lost 2 x holding premium hands /AA & KK/ vs. some Russian pushers holding random s**t like K5 suited and the funny thing is, it was always a preflop allin from the side of "Vladimirs" / like bet, raise from me and all-in from them / and both time a magical river completed flush draws.

Then I had to grind playing lots of hands and acting like one of "them" / meaning: like an total moron / to get my two buy-ins back and all that affort got me 4 $ from that Card Match Promotion. Aww crap!
Deffinitely not worth all that stress.

Good job dommelen1990! I have been doing the beat the clock challenge everyday but I never won anything from the shootouts. Same with the giveaways.

Mascona, you really just have to act like the challenge doesn't exist. Don't let it influence your play, you can restart your card if you want after like 20 hands if you haven't cleared any % of your bonus.

I cleared my 3rd bonus for another 1$ but I made another 7$ playing so decent profit overall. GL guys

I did the promo on stars but they only gave me a shiny dollar 2% bonus for my $50 USD deposit Worship Thumbs Up Blink Big Smile

what to say vaci38,they can give this stupid offers and will see how much players will use them!there any many sites who give much better promotions in this month and ofcourse that everybody will use that offers,not like this on stars!but that their strategy,so what to say!

Others get something and others get nothing. But at the end you never know when your lucky day
might be.
Like the score you did in the tournament sammybeyo.
So you cant say there, that you havent been lucky so far Smile

Yes of course Mober I am not complaining Blink Big Smile I understand that we all have our lucky days like I did and I am very lucky and blessed to have everything that is coming to me and I am very grateful for my good fortune Smile I wish all my mobster friends successes and good luck like I had and good fortune as well too Thumbs Up Worship Big Smile Smile I am so happy to be apart of this great community in bankroll mob as well and chat and make new friends with my fellow mobsters it's truly a rewarding experience Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Hey there guys!

Well today at pokerstars it's another cardmatch thing. This one is more classic you can complete it in as many hands as you like. The prizes are also pretty small but a bit better than the last ones. The cardmatch is clearly harder to complete though so that's probably why the prizes are a bit better. I may give it a go later, but I don't play much hold'em cash games anymore.

dule-vu follow all other offers, I'm not satisfied with any promotion, I thought this would be a good month to earn a dollar plus, it looks like we will stay with this as we have in our account Smile clear that poker stars have too many customers, but it would be good to at least one day give better offer for their regular players Smile

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