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Building a bankroll from freerolls.  +1   
Hello everyone eminemvevo here,

I wanna build a bankroll from only freerolls,

This year i've already made a few good freeroll cashes, and some tournament cashes,

I'll keep you guys updated on how this is going,

On what sites will i play? Williamhill, coral, stan&james, betsafe, Nordicbet, 24hbet, (And a few other sites) (I won't be playing on pokerstars or fulltilt)
Bankrolls are all at 0.00 and i withdrawed everything to make a fair start.

If i get tickets/tokens/bonuses from any of these sites they will go to my bankroll,

Will i be playing tournaments? Yes i will when i have a alright bankroll,

Do i have a goal in this challenge? Yes my goal is to make around 500euro's + by march 2017-

If people have more sites/promotions and tips on how i can play private freerolls do tell me it would help alot in this challenge

Questions and tips are always welcome,

See you at the tabels, GL To everyone. Smile

If you are new to Party poker sign up through Bankroll mob and get a no deposit bonus there is a lot of missions to complete plus a weekly $200 free roll with only a 5 point buy in and four 5K free rolls in January with the beat the ace missions. Iron Poker also has a weekly Dollar 200 free roll for Dutch players. 888 poker has three 2K lotto free rolls a day XL free rolls pretty sure you can get a no deposit from bankroll mob good luck with the challenge.

Agree with vic75 here, partypoker is a great place for freebies. Not only freerolls but there's a lot of promotions all year round.

If you sing up through bankrollmob you'll get 10$ in your account right away too which can help start a bankroll. And we have our exclusive BRM freeroll with a 5 points buy-in every sunday.

888 poker is good also to start from scratch, I've done it and withdrawed multiple times.

well wish you the best with your challenge.

It can be done as long as you have some poker skills and lot s of time to play online poker.

Just think of what u gonne do with these bankrolls, play on cash tables, tourneys or SNG...

I suggest you make a little plan for that as it will need a little dicipline to built up a bankroll from nothing.

Set a minimum bankrollvalue at which you gonne play something else than freerolls. Probably in the first week(s) you will have very small bankrolls at all the sites.

Hey GL and keep us updated

I'd like to wish you all the best on your venture and i look forward to updates. To build a bankroll on just freeroll's is going to take a lot of playing time and lots of patience( none of which i have!!). Good luck again on your quest

well all that i can say is that building bankroll from freerolls is like building a brick house by laying one brick a day. not impossible but takes a little bit longer than usual, so with this in mind i wish you strong motivation, perseverance and some luck along the way, hope you will do great!

just can wish you luck with playing poker and that you money from freerolls!everything is possible,especially when you win some freeroll wher you have 500 e prize pool and where prizes are big!and to start with that money can be enough for other cash games!good luck!

It can be done, but it is not that easy as it used to be a few years ago,
where there were too many sites with good freerolls.
If you are a new player, you have more options with the freerolls for new ones and first
deposit ones. Good luck.

I play only the free roll tournaments SmileI can tell you that it is not much difficult to get to the sum of 500 euros for a few months of playing poker, I play at the same poker sites where you play Smile there are not many free roll tournaments, I think it should ask here before you open an account at these poker sites,There are many sites where you can play free roll tournaments but only if you open an account through their site,as is the case BankrollMob,all poker sites have their passwords for participation in the free roll tournaments,I do not know whether you opened an account through one of these sites Question

I used to play a lot of freerolls when I was new to online poker and at that time there were bunch of them (before black Friday) well I was also jobless so had lots of time to focus on them at several poker rooms but now it's much different...

I think that it's really hard in these days to win something in poker tournament , but when we talk about freerolls , it's even twice as hard , as there is a lot of players who doesn't even understand the reason why do they play as they push all in too much times and play hands that doesn't make sence ...

But anyway good luck on your trip , i have done well in freerolls , but that was fue years ago , hope you will have positive results and after have a good time Smile

The way they have turned the poker lately with all the speed games, is not a surprise
some of the new players playing like this.
And its not only freerolls. But buy ins also, that they have the same game play.

those were the days when pokerstars had those country specific promos/freerolls. had a leaderboard and could have a great chance at winning upto $100 monthly free - no strings. zero deposit etc

When microgaming was one of the best networks out there, they had so many freerolls,
with not that big of a crowd, and with basic poker you could do even more than 100 per month.
But thats all part of history now, with microgaming dropping all the time in popularity.

By this challenges no matter who has them, they all i mean alllllllllll fail to recognize how big of a role the bank roll management is important, so if i have nything to add on this subject, that would be, always always, ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS keep your eyes on your BANKROLL, and manage it properly, if you dont know how, find on youtube tutorials that would give you the right idea on how to do it, with that said, good luck

Well SBEP, if you have only a couple of dollars, it's understandable to throw the bankroll management out the window for a while to try and build it to atleast 20$ where it becomes a little bit more managable...

Bankroll management is very important but when you're risking only 2$ you've made in a freeroll then it's almost like risking nothing. Sure you can play 10 cents MTTs and such but id rather just play freerolls if I go busto with my 2$ Blink

To build a bankroll from freerolls requires quite a determined plan of action. It's easy to win $2 on a freerolls and then lose it in a $2 tourney or cash game. So, focus on what you really want to do and do ensure that you manage your bankroll according to the very best of advice. If you have a target of €500 this is achieveable but only with strong management of finances. Good luck.. go bust it and win. €1000.

Hello, likelucky7. Welcome to the forum!
Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. You cannot be successful without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers. Wishing you all the best with the project.

Hello likelucky7, I recommend to you by my own experience to play at 888poker, it is an excellent alternative room to pokerstars etc, I have not deposited at a time (before the Venezuelan crisis) good amount of money won thanks to gifts of continuous promotions From the living room. So I give you my experience so that you are a winner. I hope you serve, good luck at the tables Blink

500 Euros win for 2017 is certainly a good goal and I wish that you could do that ... I'm in front of the goal for 2017 is not yet set but I think it's a good idea ... if in front of me is the goal that I would be interested to achieve it ... good luck dude

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