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Hey guys!

Again pokerstars with pretty bad prizes in this promotion with 44% chance to win 1$ and 44% chance to win 2$. 7% chance to win 5$ isn't bad but the rest is so tiny it has almost 0 chances of happening.

Anyways, I got lucky and completed it very quickly with a decent profit and here's why:

Got a nice 1$ for my efforts! Thanks stars! Big Smile

What did you win guys? If you don't usually play cash games I don't think it's even worth doing it tbh.

These are Stars promotions s**t. Yesterday it was deposit so i tried it. I had to deposit minimum $40.00 CDN but they had $35.00 , $70.00 could not go for 40 so i made a $70.00 one and i won the same you did a nice $1.00.

I don't care much because there is no money exchange and no fees for my deposit. So it is like in the bank i will cash out after the promo or maybe before. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Yesterday made $28 deposit got a $5 bonus Today I got Dollar 2 with the Jacks or better was sitting on a table with a player who kept shoving with marginal hands against my premium hands and completed the challenge with a Dollar 20 profit. Big Smile Blink

The first pot was a very nice pot to pick up and congratulations for that. You always want to try and see a flop with suited connectors and it was a very good flop for you. You played the hand perfectly on the river with your bet size and he had to call

well dudes sure these promotions aren't giving you free gold in kilos, but you still can get some free cash with no real restriction on them, so just another ordinarily sh1tty star promo, which even considering it's shityness is still better to have than having no promos at all.

Yeah I agree Pochui the promotions are pretttttty bad but it's still better than nothing. I just hope they end the month with better promotions for us because if not I'm withdrawing my whole bankroll from there Big Smile I like pokerstars platform but really it's not a good enough reason to be "blindly" loyal to them... I'll just go where the rake is better Blink

Good luck in the christmas calendar guys!

There is always that small chance with Poker Stars Promotions to win something big same odds as Lotto almost every promotion on big and smaller sites now is rake driven the only non rake promo with Stars Christmas Calendar so far was their 1K all in shoot out free rolls.

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