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That's right the streak is still going. Running hot and taking names.

Sitting top 5 of a 0.55cent Hyper-Turbo MTT on Stars.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh comon thats sick , you are so lucky in this week ... All what i get around two weeks is something like this , and i don't even understand why i keep playing , should play some freerolls or what to stop loosing money ...

I wont even talk about AK vs small pocket pares and other pares , it's like 90% or even more i have lost Disagree

Oh well good luck sir , hope you will take it down !! Thumbs Up

Would have been 2nd pace if my queens had held. oh well still have many chips to play with.

Here's the hand..

gl irish, take it down... Ill come to watch you Blink

way to jinx me StheP !!! JK

Well that was a dumb play as i was totally tilted from losing the Queens.

Made some profit again so i guess not all is lost but wasted opportunity for good profits.

Well that's my one run for the day and now Christmas party time with the GF and friends. I know it's early but it's too hards with family commitments around the actual holidays.

Have a good night Mobsters and I'm sure I'll Be back tomorrow at some point for the next round of stories.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

next time you will win still a good try I don't blame you for being upset losing with the queens they should win most of the time as always good luck at the tables my friend and enjoy your Christmas Party with your friends Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Another great run for you and i do not blame you for going on tilt after this hand. This is one of the times when you cannot do anything about the way the hand played out and you just have to put it down to pure bad luck

Wow. You made a good run in the tournament that had over 1,800 entrants. It is always painful when your opponent hits two outers. We look forward to hearing many more great deals about your success soon.

I am sure you are not complaining for your result, you did good either way, as you
are doing lately.
A small profit this time, but this is what matters.
You will be back again Smile

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