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So i was good with the starting chips amount and i was dealth AA hand and the guy beside me raise by 1 big blind , i reraised to 560 witch is 3,5 x big blind, The flop was 29Q all ofsuit , the guy checked i raised by half of the blind and the fucker followed, the turn was 6 , this time i was first to react and i raised by 3/4 and the ashole bingo stupid retard imbicil went all in and i followed. The river bringed the Q and that was it. He was holding Q5. I wish i had it on Boom player so u can see that funny situation but even better not _ its just for the bingo grinders. P.S. F**k Stars

Even i reached Silver this month i do not intend to make no more deposit there cause there promos took more then gave, their spin and go are disaster, the deal _ not to mention play with 7 coins get 1 yay and so on and on but this was top of the cream and something to convince myself this is not the site for me. Dont have time for that b******t but heyy Smile long live stupid outcome suckouts and bingo donk players. Cheers to them Worship Worship Worship

And yea forgot to mention that was my 4th hand i played from turn in hour and a half in Main even and Stars surves me that kind of b******t. LOL. Im gona have to change my style to loose pasive 27ofsuit all in.

Edited by Buva13 (11 December 2016 @ 21:03 GMT)

well what can I say... I gived up from stars after so many years there couple of months ago... I was tired of them cuting all things out, and increasing rake, and giving some silly promotions, from which they only making money, not giving... also when you lose 5 all ins in row with 95% favorite, thats when you figure it out that that site isnt for you...

Right Sthep but theres no fkn chance in hell im doing deposit on any site no more , desided to play that same amount i play online and go with that amount on live tournys. even if i lost i wouldnt feal bad not even 1% cause i know theres no setup its how u play is what u get Thumbs Up

First tourny is in city Swords with 80Euros buy in 30 000 guarnteed but its gona rise to over 60 000 euro so theres defenetly gona b 10 000 for a first place. It will b played 3 days of qualification, everyone who survives till level 16 goes into Main event and im gona need a final tabel if i intend to see Irish Open with 1150$ buy in.

Yeah sometimes best is just to take a step back and take a break or play somewhere else. When you're playing well, running good and having fun everything seems like it's fun and games but when you get really unlucky a bunch of times in a row you can start to question yourself or the poker site.

But really it all comes down to math. Sure he played the hand terribly, but there's about a 15% chance that he's gonna make 2 pair in that hand from the flop. I'm not one of those RNG nut huggers tho, it could be rigged or there could be a human error somewhere in the code also. But I'm sure by now we would've found out.

Hey, Buva13. We are sorry to hear that. Better luck next time.

"A people fired ... with love of their country and of liberty, a zeal for the public good, and a noble emulation of glory, will not be disheartened or dispirited by a succession of unfortunate events. But like them, may we learn by defeat the power of becoming invincible."
-- Abigail Adams

This is why im no slow playing the aces anymore Smile Stopped doing this way too early
when i started playing poker. Too many where getting something in flop, to chase with it
till the river.
It is the best hand to play preflop all in with, but not the best hand to continue slow playing
till the river Smile
Better luck next time Thumbs Up

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