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I play this game twice a day today got a flush and the two cards I folded one of cards that would have been good for a straight flush worst fold I have ever made in my poker career Sad Disagree

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Bad luck for u men. GL in future

Wow! The Deal. Now there is a game that I haven't played for a long time. Since the merger between FTP and stars I haven't really been to FTP, but what I am going to do right now, as it's Christmas and all, is pop right on over to FTP and have a spin on the deal. Wish me luck cos I could do with it!

That really hurts. You were unlucky indeed.
At least you got 2$ from it.
I ant een remember when it was the last time someone in here won something there.
Since they changed it all you can here is people complaining about it Smile

Yeah Amaya corporation screwed up Full Tilt Poker but the deal I guess is not rigged just have to discard the right two cards when I played the Deal last l I had 500 coins saved up that's seven high roller deals if play a high roller and hit a straight flush I would be spinning the wheel for a jackpot this is as close as it gets.

I spent all the coins i had when they merge and the day it was won i had not played it so i just decided that this was enough with Full Tilt and just deleted it from my computer.

Anyway i don't play very much on stars and i would not have coins to play the deal. Aww crap! Aww crap!

So...I did go to FTP and play the deal......and decided to use five goes and walked away with a freerolls ticket and three coins. Not the best return on an investment I have ever had and will probably not play it again for some time. Good luck to you all playing it and I hope you get a nice win soon.

Full tilt poker is still running? I thought they were taking it down months ago Big Smile

I haven't really played at full tilt poker really since the famous black friday/players account controversy. I tried it a bit last year but I didn't see any good promotions or anything interesting. It felt like a shittier version of pokerstars. Anyways, this The Deal thing costs nothing so it's always good to try it but the odds of winning are so small...

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