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Hey guys,

yesterday i downloaded a Pokerhud called Jivaro.
it is a free one which is really easy to use (never used a HUD except holdemmanager but didnt liked it)
it works for cash games & tournament and you get a free month premium to test that out

the free version features the 3 most important stats (Vpip , Pfr & agression factor) and using a traffic light system red,yellow & green.
red means that it is a low percentage while green means a very high percentage (u can see those to ofcourse)

i really like this Hud and makes it so much easier to multitable and see which players are tight & who the fishes are.

anyone uses this 1 to?

I used it until recently, to be exact until I stoped playing at pokerstars... I used it for 2 years, and its nice hud... Blink

dommelen1990, thank you very much for informing us of Jivaro, an all-inclusive poker software suite and community. Holde'm Manager 2 is installed on my computer but it uses a lot of memory. Jivaro might be the perfect replacement for HM2.

These sites will be go extinct soon.
With the number of the poker sites increasing, that are forbidding their use, you will have to make
a choice at the end on where to play. It will be good for most if there isnt any Smile

Well jivaro is only usable for pokerstars i think.
I only tried holdem manager a few days and really didnt like that.
With this 1 u can get an edge pretty easy on the lower stakes.
Without a Hud nowadays its extremely though to play profitable cause of so many players u see.
Also the reg's are clearly using Hud's just look at what kind of hands sometimes call u.
I sometimes thought why in heck would they call but when u get the potodds right in you're screen it makes it so much easier.

I agree on the part that hid's should be totally forbidden bit as long as it isnt i rather get some helpto become profitable then getting outplayed by others who have them

I have to agree with you at this point.
Since they are out and can be used its only fair to use them yourself too,
in order to create some balance in your plays.
But on the other hand also, how many are the players using them.
I suppose mostly the ones grinding in daily basis or professionally.

Hi welcome to the forum , good thing to see a serious player here. Very good of you that you contribute this information, because I am definitely are going to look in to this . Although I think it is very hard for me to use the stats shown by the program, but that is just a matter of practicing i guess. But before I am going to use it , i should work first on my own game..

I wish you the best on the tables!

given the fact that it's free, well at least the basic version of it, makes jivaro a tough hud to say anything bad against, i mean it's free!!! no like it- no use it, simple as that. if you think you need a hud then it's definitely a good starting choice, i always like the freemium model.

Well i also thought it would take me a while to understand it.
Took me like 30min just understand what pfr, agr & vpip are.
U used to the stoplight signals so only have to understand what the bars mean.
1 hour of play on $0.05/$0.10 and 26,73 profit. Without the hud im pretty sure it would be only $12,50.
Noticed who where extreme loose and then dont show aggression on flop only 20% off the time
Noticed who played very tight (4% off hands) so reraise = monster etc.
Avoided thanks to these informations big pots with medium hands which normally would costed me 1/4 stack or so.
Saved money big pots & gained money on the small ones

A nice daily profit you had there. You seem very confident using this program.
You are also saying that the amount you did win, was because fo the hud.
So something tells me, that after the free month you will be purchasing this one Smile
Good luck with the rest of your games.

Hey Dommelen1990!

I have heard of Jivaro before, seems like a pretty good alternative to hold'em manager 2. I am not a huge fan of HUDs because I think they should be free and they should be provided by the poker platform itself (to make it official and more fair for everyone). But they can help a serious player find his leaks and plug them so they're very usefull.

Good luck with ur new hud!

I took a look at it, in their site and it looks nice.
And the price for it, is fair for only 5$. If you are making that extra from using it,
then its like for free, purchasing it each month.
I only see it says works with pokerstars. Is it only with it?

as far as i know it is.
actually u pay $5 for the premium statistics.
the normal version is free which shows Vpip, agression and Pfr stats.

on lower stakes u don't really need alot more because well fish don't know what a 3 bet is / 4 bet is
it's like finding the fold button for them i think they have different client then us Tongue

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