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Dear Fellow Mobsters,

Like i did in the past (and failed due lack of Bankrollmanagment) i'm starting a new challenge.
why Dommelen u starting a new challenge?

Well today i heard i don't have a job anymore (which im really happy about since i wanted to quit but couldn't since u loose financial benefits when u quit yourself)
I already have a nice Bankroll thanks to the deposit promotion of Pokerstars (only had $5 from it so even made small loss on it since 95 euro was around 100 dollar and when i want to withdraw 95 euro have to change $107 )

however that time i had $140 as bankroll.
played 0,05/0,10 and made it to $212,60
so 33% increase in few days.
call it luck or not. i stated in a other topic i use Jivaro and i guess 30% off my profit comes thanks to this hud by the fact i have way better reads when to 3bet , fold or call to se flop and pick the smaller pots.
i actually have only around $20 profit from putting my stack in so my main profit is actually picking spots & pots.

As in the Past i always made the mistake when i get sucked out i try to win my money back in the casino when i'm on tilt.

I banned myself from the casino section so even if i get on tilt only option i have is ragequit Big Smile

The rules:

- i start on the limits $0,05 / $0,10 as i am already playing this.
- I play promotions from pokerstars if they are in that range (today $4 extra profit from scratch & match plus $12 from playing) though i don't change my playstyle. ($1 spin&go challenges i play mostly play break even but well free points count also as cash imo)
- I need at least 20 buy-ins ($500) to upmove in limitsso
- once i drop to 40 buy-ins on the lower stake i move back in stake ($400 when i manage to upmove)
- i won't play when i'm tired or under influence
- i don't play more then 2 hours in a row without taking a break (unless the table is covered with fishes ofcourse then i won't play when it's like a ATM)
I post my progress on daily base unless i don't play a day

Exceptions: i will move down to $0,02 / $0,05 when i have a bankroll under $150 (30 buy ins)
the reason i do this is tht 10NL is going great this last few days and not really been in though spots.
there is always a fish on table till this moment.

Hope u get the setup of this,

I'm not planning to make poker my living so i spend alot of time searching for a new job.
I have a pending withdraw from Bankrollmob to Neteller which goes to the use of my bankroll

every sunday i withdrawel 25% off my winnings to my bankaccount.

so 75% in contribution to bankroll & 25% to myself.

any tips?

Any tips? well, you are doing it way better then I do.

The tips I could give are for every poker player. Bankroll management, playing with good hands, not fishing, play aggressive and don't slow-play good hands in cashgame.

I hope you will make enough money and try to exercise or other stuff where you loose energy.
because real pros probably have distraction in the from of sports or whatever physical exercise l, this helps you focus when you are back in front of the computer.

GL I believe in you! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Hahah well in past i messed it up badly alot of times,
Only because the fact when i tilt i go to do dumb things.
I will quit when i feel like tilting since it will never bring any good except if u want to loose money.

Tight is right yes especially on those stakes.
The regs are easy to spot (multitabling, low pfr & high agression)
The fish have mostly high VPip & low agession.
I see really alot of people have 50% Vpip but agression off only 10% or so.
Those players i play in position with almost any hand since they havent heard of Cbetting makes it easy to know if they bet they have something if they dont just bet out since u are in position and they fold 90% off the time. (Calling with draws & weak hands)
When i do that and they call and its a pretty dry board i check it out when i dont have good hand

It seems like a good plan and with a bit of luck you can continue making profit.
The most important thing is to follow the bankroll management.
Also important is one of the rules you have set and you must be strict with it,
never play under influence Smile

It is good to be driven by measuring results and using a metric. May your new project get you tons of fortune, name and fame. I wish you good luck in reaching the top of your game. Please keep us updated.

well you make a great point there, why are you making this challenge- because you don't have job anymore, yep that's a great reason, gives you lots of spare time and probably a bigger motivation, sure now you get a bit dependant on your performance, but that's how life goes.

actually it's not pochui since well if money is gone i can't play and won't deposit.
the 25% i hope to cashout every week is only a little extra.
if i have to make a choice now between finding a steady job or being able to make amount for living by playing poker then i would go 110% for a job with steady income.

since i worked my whole life i get financial help from goverment so paying the rent, food etcetc. isnt affected by my poker (would be terrible if that was the case)

on the other hand u are right it gives me alot of more motivation since the money i earn is a little extra to do some small little things like buying myself a treat Smile

since making poker for a living u should atleast earn €1000 profit every month and then im talking about really the minimum without extra's in life.

once i am able to reach such stats i need to have a bankroll off over 10k and well with bankroll off 210 that is really a different world (but hey dreams have to be chased)

edit: im in a session at the moment not really good cards but this hand is standard why not to limp in.

he limps i raise to 4x BB he flats it.
flop i make c-bet of 48% off the pot he flats again.
turn only help with a straight but putted him around Ax maybe small pair so i bet 32% off the pot as thin valuebet suddenly he shoves.
snapcall since if he flopped also a flush would he only call on flop? he had agression stats of around 20% so mostly with probally good hand i suspected

well river wasnt needed since he was drawing dead already so big pot but if he raised preflop i would fold cause i'm out off position

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If you stick to all those rules, you shall do fine... I was cash game grinder, and they are very beatable... but there is one small flaw in your tactic... you said you will play for 2 hours per day, no more... I have to desagree with you... if there is a lot of bad regs at your table you should take advantage of that as much as possible, but dont play for 24 hours in row or so... but like I said if you have some bad players take advantage and sit for couple hours more... if you stick to your plan you could easy make 200$+ per month on 5/10$ limit Blink GL and I hope Ill hear from you in future Blink

ok ended my first session on this bankrollchallenge
im pretty happy how it went only my big hands didnt have any action
3x AA and then 2x everyone folds, and 1 time my c-bet get's folded

folded preflop queens cause they raised first fish calls from SB and i reraise.
then original raiser shoves and fish calls.
folded and they show: 99 vs 97
flop shows queen so i was disappointed
eventually they split the pot case the 9 made a straight.

endbankroll: $234,98 plus some starcoins.

so: increase of $22,38 in around an hour and around $2 in starscoins.
that for a hour work.

no big mistakes and won the pots mainly by good positioning & reading statistics.

@StheP no i said i would play no more then 2 hours straight then i take a break so i won't get to tired and make bad decisions (unless table is full off fish i play a little longer)

Its always nice to set yourself new challenges and i really hope that you can achieve all that you want. To make over twenty two dollars in just over an hours' work is a very good start to your challenge. Good luck on your venture

Ok made pretty long play yesterday with some bad plays from my side.
also was very unlucky (5 times aces no big pots and 2 times my kings vs Aces all-in preflop and lost
at the end massive fish joins and made my stats little better,

result bankroll; $237,90 so a profit of $2,92
though i reached also alot of starcoins so amount is more like $9 profit if u count these (i'm not sure if i use starcoins to swap for money as cashout or as increasement of bankroll

also very close to silverstar which i probally will make today

Well today hasn't been a good day for me, only played like 1 hour and result is bankroll now $228,32
$9,58 loss
Also im using my starcoins on the deal. Even though chances are very small u win but well with volume i play i doubt i should exchange it for the $10.

Only 1,5 stepsl and i'm increasing to silverstar.
Soon it will be 1st of januari so goong to see what that status brings me.

Anyone knows around what i can expect when im silverstar?
If i play an average of what i now play i'm around 150 points a day average (only 3 days so not real sample)

I've read when u reach silverstar and keep that status u earn around $93 a month
Im not sure if atm with limits $0.05 / $0,10 i reach goldstar in a month which gives $300 a month in rake back.
I hope ofcourse i can reach goldstar on daily basis cause with these bankrollboost i will trade starcoins to cash to increase my winnings and eventually can move up in limits.

If i can keep around this kinda stats from last day + reach silverstar and increase starcoins per level i think once a month i trade them for cash and cashout 25% as winnings and 75% for bankrollboost.

What u guys would do? Have a shot on the deal or cash it in for bankrollboostings?

Edited by dommelen1990 (21 December 2016 @ 23:02 GMT)

Ok, had a cashout from BRM so $55 dollar extra ( count is as this week winnings though) didnt played that often last days as inwanted but made also bit profit while playing.
Bankroll: $301,50

Nice one
Keep grinding that bankroll in cash games and be aware to gamble in the casino ..
Wish you luck in this journey and hope you reach the 1000$ mark soon
And dont forget to update this thread

had some nice grind off around 1,5 hours.
result a bankroll off 325,35 now
won $5 on the sit & go challenge (played 5 won 1x $4 and 3x $2)
so almost $20 profit from the $0,05/$0,10 stakes

on this level it's impossible for me to reach goldstar on this month for sure.
doubt i even make that in a single month even

i play 4 tables and probally going to upgrade it tomorrow to 5.
once i can play that good then upgrade 6 etc.

I just want to say good work on growing your bankroll , but i would like to warn you about that you are going to change your 4 tables to 5 tables , i guess it's nothing bad , but if you are willing to do it to chase after the gold status , then it's just not worth it ... Remember that your main goal to grow your bankroll ...
Just willing to say , that taking more tables , will make more pressure on your moves and thinking ...
Keep calm and take it easy bro , Good Luck Blink

No it has nothing to do with my vipstatus (well it has but not why i want to do it)
If i can make a systematic win on 4 tables then i can upgrade to 5. If i can master that it will increase my profit on the long run.
Only will do it when i feel comfortable enough.
Well i play 4 tables 6-max not on zoom, mostly fullstacks.
So it doesnt happen often that i get involved in a big pot.
Most of the time i am actually waiting for the next hand.
Ofcourse on 1 table at same time i can make biggest profit.
But since u dont get always playable hands i upgrade to maximize the potential earnings.

well had a session (5tables) and the speed wasnt the problem
only the cards where terrible
lost $10 dollar and everytime when i get the money in on the right time.
flop Ace high flush, he bets, i raise, he shoves snapcall.
he shows 1 pair jacks with queen kicker
turn jack river queen bye $14

i snapped and did something very dumb
i played 2x $15 spin & go

result - $30 buyin - $210 return. i won both (1x 10x!!!! buyin and 1x 4x buyin)
lucky me had 1 massive fish in 10x buyin who didn't knew where the raise button was only limped.
only raised maybe 2 times so was easy fold (folded pocket 7's actually since i minraised and he 3-betted and by stats given i'm probally facing AA,KK,Ak,AQ,QQ so in best case 50%/50%

i should be very happy about this but to be honest i am not.
i broke my rule of bankrollmanagement ofcourse this result ($180 profit)

even though it looks like i lost $10 it's actually alot more cause was on nice $15 profit but in few hands lost 2 buy-ins

new Bankroll: $495,66

Edited by dommelen1990 (24 December 2016 @ 01:16 GMT)

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dommelen1990, we are all glad to hear that you are doing extremely well.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built by people just like you one brick at a time. Wishing you the greatest success on your next big achievement!

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (24 December 2016 @ 22:23 GMT)

This time , well done Smile but for real tho try keeping your cool next time, cause however it made you a profit this time , you might go broke next time , or atleast waste a couple good days of grinding.

That bankroll of your grows fast.
Be careful following the bankroll management, cause it can go down even faster Smile
which is something that nobody wishes.
Keep getting good results.
It wont be a bad idea cashing out 100$ now and then as you go up.
Good luck.

ok it's been a while,
i haven't satted still or something but had to cashout a big part of it to pay my rent ,

eventually all worked out fine, got a better paying job.
from my old job i appearantly gained 2700 euro cause of vacationmonet, vacation days , special holiday which u all build up over the time i worked there but never took vacation.

so i started with a nice $25 deposit cause of the promotion cardhunt (0,10/0,25 stakes) nice bankrollmanagement hahahaha
however things took a turn.
i'm around 66% to goldstar and have a bankroll off $456,32
also around 2300 starscoins which i only cash in at the end of the month.

so i hope to reach goldstar and i think it will be pretty easy to get it.

even though i made such a nice profit again i can play with a free mind
and to be honest zoom $0,10/$0,25 is way easier then $0,05/$0,10 normal tables.

sorry it took so long to pick this up again

good luck on the tables

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