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great results good to hear updates now and then!

at the forum, a new man who set a goal and share the results ... maybe I will watch for updates as I saw what you did you go to your goals and play pretty good ... I wish you good luck in the game and more wins .. it is always interesting to read Thumbs Up

thanks for the support guys Smile
had a few sessions (1 short i lost 2 buy-ins went on tilt cause 3x aces not even respons while 2 times in big blind and everyone folded and was down 3,5 buy in)
so i left.
played a day later and gained back 1,5 buyin.
but gained alot of starscoins and have 4100 starcoins atm.
if i would cash them out i'm break even (not totally true because already had some starcoins but u get what i mean)

however tonight i'm going to play the Tcoop event 04 $27 prog knockout 6 max hyper turbo.
going to buy in with starcoins and give it a shot Smile

forgot to add: new bankroll $403,24

ok had an 1 hour session just now.
finished the promotion jacks or better for a whopping $2
these promotions get worse everyday Shock
92% to hit 1 or 2 dollar. 7 procent to hit $5 a 0,9% to hit $5 and a 0,01% to hit $5000

especially when u need 1000 points and a pair of jacks or bettr is 5 points and a fullhouse only 70 points.
had 705 points untill i flopped quad's 4 whih is an instawin.
however that hand only mde me $2 profit since only 1 call + 1 cbet call.

though it's free money and the run was good
275 starscoins and nw bankroll $478,39
so $75,15 profit in an hour and $2,75 in starcoins

not bad for an hour of work Big Smile

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if you continue like this you have to quit your new job Tongue

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

went few days back with some beer to many to the tables.
result, $150 new bankroll
not so happy about it cause all the hard work for nothing.

reached goldstatus thats like 1 rain drop less from that adventure

played like normal today and new bankroll is now $233,54
not by the bankrollmanagement way but by playing $0,10/$0,25 zoom which i did also before and still think wont go broke on there.
feels like an atm most off the times.

today also, Got KK, raise got reraised by the BB, raise to $5 and he flatt calls,

flop K?,3D,5D. i bet he shoves.
snapcall ofcourse since got the nuts.

opens up 4D6D so he actually 3bets, calls 4bet with 46suited?
so even though it was close 50%/50% i'm happy with how that was played by me.
preflop dominated and postflop well worst hand for me he actually could have been in.

won it though Smile

New bankroll: $294,69

Cant complain how it goes atm.
Making profits kinda easy and upgraded to 3 tables zoom $0,10/$0,25
I can easily maintain gold star and as i see now might even reach platinum this way (not this month but next month maybe)
I reach around 1 level every 2 hours of play so 30 levels in a month is possible.
However it isnt my goal
If in the next month i can break even and get some nice amount of starcoins i can be happy to

Since i only played 3 tables one day it is ofcourse no sample to say these things but we will see how it goes
Already get 50% off my losses back Big Smile

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