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Spin n go challenge 240 to 1k only mobile devices  +1   

My plan so far:
0 - 25 $ -- 0.25 $ Spins,
25 - 100 $ -- 1$ spins
100 - 350 $ -- 3$ spins
350 and above -- 7$ spins (here a coach will come to help me)

I will be hiring coach only at 7$ limit, cause I think I do have an edge at 3$, and it should be beatable for me, or it should be enough free material to beat it.
Also I will exclude all the rakeback from my challenge, cause all the stars coins will go on clothing's ! I like t-shirts, and hoodies !

What is poker for me, and why I have decided to use only mobiles, and exclude rb, and rest sh... ?
Fun it is all about having fun !
Poker is jut a game for me, and don't have plans to go for pro, or make it as a additional source of income. $ in my balance its like points the more you have, the better you are, but even fun games requires skills, that's why I will hirea coach hopefully soon.

Why only mobile devices ?
Because it make it easier for me to grind, so no graphs for you sorry.. Unless you know how get HH from mobile to PT4.

I will be tracking tourney count regarding VPPs i have collected per week (I will use my laptop for this.. as well as for blog updates.

Overall I am a fish with a passion which is healthy for poker economy !

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welcome to the forumz and goodluck on your challenge

Hi, SirPaulius. Welcome to the forum. I hope you have fun interacting with other members.
Wishing the very best of luck with your Spin & Go challenge. Please remember that we mobsters are always here by your side.

I have not seen any programs in mobiles devices to know how the software is.
But how is it possible to be easier to grind in a mobile device?
I find this hard to believe.
I think the most productive software are for pc.
Good luck with your goal.

I wish you the best of luck,and I am always happy to be reminded that poker is still just a game,and all games should be enjoyed,and should be fun... Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay Smile

I'd like to wish you all the best of luck on your challenge, Don't underestimate these pesky bastards tho , spin and go's are extremely swingy and require a hell of a lot of patience.

Jeffaboy Cool

I wonder if we are going to see any updates on this one.
It is the first and only post and since then no appearance.
But at this time of the year, this can be common, for anyone.

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