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Here are the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winner. I am very sorry that i don't see any forum reg. in ITM.

I played it and was card dead for a very long time and on one hand i got 7 7 and decided to shoved to end my tournament like the past few weeks. But will try again next week. Big Smile Big Smile

OMG I totaly forgot about this O.o cant belive it Sad

... Big Smile< Merry Christmas Monsieur Pinotte...! I hope it's good for you...! Smile Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< I saw a few mobbits earlier on with possibilities,....but when I looked later ya'll was gone...!

... Big Smile< My game lasted precisely 2 hands dealt,....the one I folded,...and the fatal one I shoved pre-flop,....... Sleepy

... Big Smile< ....I betcha the guy was PRAYING for a 7 once we saw the! Shock

... Big Smile< ...and Merry Christmas to the rest of the mobbits if that's what's your thing... Thumbs Up

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Merry Christmas to you to demo. You went out with a very good hand but it suppose to be poker what can we do.

I shoved with the same hand that beat yours but i was not lucky like your opponent and i to went out. Maybe next week. Big Smile Big Smile

Congratulations to all winner Smile
I play it but was busted vs total donk who was CL and was all in almost every hand i got AJspade and raise from utg all fold donk was bb he push i call with 35bb and he have Q2 off table show J spade spade X Q and that was all Smile finished think 35th place...
Next week will be ours Smile

yeah congrats for all of the unknown winners out there, sadly no one who is making it big on the brm forum was in sight of the moneyz. i logged into my party account hoping to show dudes a lesson or two bout poker but was totally stunned seeing 0 partypoints in my account... surely it's a work of hackers.

Congratulations to all the winners. I played it but I knew I didn't have time to finish it today so I just played like a donk trying to bust everyone at the table but instead I hit mid pair and lost against an overpair and a top pair but I had my chancesto triple up Big Smile

better luck next week to the forum regulars!! Blink

See you on the tables guys

Smaller number of winners,, so probably a smaller player field also.
No surprise in all sites having less players yesterday.
I dont see any regulars in this. Either lost or drinking Smile
Good luck next week.

My most sincere congratulations go out to each one of you who finished in the top 13 in the weekly $200 freeroll tournament at PartyPoker. It was the last tournament of the year 2016. Very well played, everyone.

so nobody from regulars in first 20. place!maybe lot of regulats were drunk or just didnt play!I didnt play,saturday was too crazy,so couldnt play at sunday this freeroll!was sleeping at afternoon!good luck to all on next sunday!

So! This game...and every other game of poker in the whole wide world didn't even enter into the most remote parts of my thoughts on Christmas Day. Christmas Day is for family forsaking all else and so it never even got a look in! That may not be the same outcome on New Year's Day so look forward to seeing some regulars in the money next time!

I missed out on this one but whoever won this tourney this week got a nice christmas present good luck to all the mobster regulars that cashed as well see ya in the one next week Worship Thumbs Up Big Smile

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