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Hey mobsters!

Last week I did a 5$ sports bet on partsports on ice hockey trying to get like 68$. My 3 picks were right but one of them won in overtime so it didn't count as a win. So I got the fre the jab ticket instead as a consolation prize. I love this promo Smile

I wanted to post a screenshot of the lobby and the final hand of the tournament but I don't know how to attach a file, I don't see the button for it. Pinotte does it every week for the freeroll, anyone knows how? EDIT: NVM found it:

Edited by TheMachineQC (27 December 2016 @ 18:56 GMT)

Attached Imagestournament win dec 27.png

nice win, congrats!!!

Congratulations to TheMachineQC for being well balanced and focused throughout. You have earned all the praises you are now receiving. We are happy for you. May you keep climbing new heights of success.

Congratulations for your win very nice return on your investment. But you did it before and i am sure you will do it again.

Now for your screen capture if you are using window 10 you have a special tool with witch instead of taking all the screen with this tool you can chose what you want to capture. And now you know how to attach it. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up


... Big Smile< ...NICE one.... Thumbs Up You been on a real killing spree lately... Big Smile Thumbs Up

Many congratulations to you on winning this tournament. This must have been an extra special buzz because you got into this tournament for free. I hope you can keep the good run going and well done again to you

well done Machine gratz Thumbs Up Worship i also won one long time ago and it was 250$ guaranteed and 75 for the first place. Keep it up Thumbs Up

At the end it worked better for you losing the sports bet Smile
You would have got 68 instead.
But now i see you got 140 something probably, cant tell from the screenshot,
so it is way better Smile
Congratulations, nice win. Thumbs Up

Thanks guys!

Yeah Mober sorry about the screenshot it's hard to actually see anything lol. I got 147$ US dollars so around 200$ in canadian dollars. It's always nice to cash with a tournament ticket because then it's 100% profit, so of course winning it is awesome. And you're right I was better off losing the sports bet!

I did another bet yesterday and again 2 out of 3 so I'll get another jab ticket next week. GL guys!

yeah that screenshot is not quite up to the quality, i am so glad that gone are those days when i had to watch porn pics in similar resolution- man that was heartbraking and cockbraking experience.
back to the topic though- congrats on your win, hope there is many more ahead.

What whs it 149 dollars, the picture is to small very hard to see the prizes, anyhow, congratz dude, nice win, and plenty of more to come i hope, bothj for me and you, nice to see that by screwing you they actually crew them self Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile again nice take down Thumbs Up

147$ US

Wow nice congrats ThemachineQC big win keep up the success buddy Big Smile Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Many congratulations on your victory in this tournament. It must have been extra special buzz, because you are in the tournament for free. Good luck in the following games and congratulations

Thanks again guys it's nice to have some positive feedback Smile

I made a deposit of like 250$ CAD on partypoker for the 12 days of christmas deposit bonus and cashed out 500 right away. Left myself 1$ which I ran up to 25$ already playing 1c/2c Pot limit omaha and cleared 22% of the bonus' first increment already. This additional rakeback is pretty good.

Keep up the gambling guys Blink

That was a nice profit from the promotion in only one month.
And your performance with that leftover in omaha is impressive, from 1 to 25 Smile
I see another cash out soon in your future Smile
Good luck with your grinding.

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