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Just satted myself into the 215$ bounty builder on stars, 50k gtd progressive Knock out Cool Jeffaboy on pokerstars if any1's feeling like railing. ill post some progress here Worship

Well that didnt work out as i wanted. flushdraw + toppair vs overpair 9s and i didnt improve rip

Edited by jeffaboy (28 December 2016 @ 16:26 GMT)

too bad, not to sound like an wiseass, but maybe you have to play a higher range, anyway too bad you didn't cashed, GL in future tournaments! Keep us informed and hopefully that will be with good results Blink You are still young and you are never too old to learn. Also sometimes it help to evaluate your hands and maybe you can find a small thing that you can improve. Until then try not to loose too much, because it is easy to loose a lot of money with high buy-ins like that.

I wish you the best of luck and skills! Thumbs Up

just saw this thread... sorry that I missed railing you... better luck next time jeffa Blink

A good tournament to get cash, but unfortunately it didnt work out this time for you.
Maybe the next one, can be your lucky one Smile
So dont get desperate with it, and get ready for the new year Big Smile

Jeffaboy. Unlucky with this tournament. There will always be others.... you always lose more than you win and to win big you have to lose a load of tourneys so have to play loads of tourneys. Keep your chin up and try and learn from ''tis game to improve how you do in the next tourney that you get involved in. Best wishes.

Hey Jeffaboy!

I see you're back at it! It's a shame it didn't work out with top pair + flush draw, it always amazes me when I manage to dodge so many outs. But yeah against an overpair it's pretty much a coin flip, not the ideal spot but still impossible not to get it all in on such a flop.

I wish you better luck in your next tournaments sir! Have fun

I really dont like those bounty builders, you often have to push even when u weaker to try and get his bounty, which is reckless poker and i dont like it, its bingo tournament, all in frenzy, now i get its big part of that tournament, and its ok for some players, but i am staying away as far as i can from those things Big Smile so good luck who ever from u is playing them, u really going to need it Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

The shot of good luck you need will come in response to your audacious new attitude. You are a positive and powerful individual who is going to set out to get whatever you want in life. All the best for your next earth-shattering adventures.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (29 December 2016 @ 00:15 GMT)

maybe next time you will win it's good you got a discount on entry to such a big tourney keep going strong good luck at the tables Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Of course you always want to win but do not always succeed, even in svmyh great players .. so I can wish for a successful game in the future, and never get upset over nothing


... Big Smile< ...Nice winning the big $$$ ticket dude...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

... Big Smile< ...A disheartening loss,....but at least you'll have a ton of Gold Chips comin' out your butt to try and take down The Deal Jackpot...!!! Big Smile

Its never a nice feeling to get eliminated from any tournament but you seemed to play the hand perfectly well but just got a bit unlucky. With a Flush Draw and top pair, there was no way you could get away from that hand

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