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Playing another Sunday Storm Qualifier for 10 star coins so far and am top 10 atm and just passed the late reg stage. Add on will happen shortly so might be able to get that ticket after all. just need to hold it together.

Also just won 2 3.50$ S & G's. 1 -18 man turbo for 22.77 $ decent profits and then a 3.50 6 man turbo for 12.95$ so a good night so far and could be better with Sunday Storm ticket.

Wish me luck boys and girls.

Nevermind busted hard out of the SS qualifier. Screwed up and got booted by bigger stack.

On to the next one.

Playing a 0.55 cent turbo MTTon PS and sitting nicely 7/ 249 with 197 getting paid.

Ill come back and update this one in a bit.

now 29/52

Just hit another break and now 31/38. Not getting too many cards now and might have to take big risk sooner than later.

out in 32nd for 1.81. lost a flip for most of my chips 77 Against bozo who pushed with A2. Always s**t A wins lately. oh well another profit is good i guess.

Good night all. probably won't play tomorrow, Girlfirend day so Sunday I'll play while watching some Football(American).

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It really is remarkable how deep you are getting in so many tournaments and i take my hat off to you. Your concentration levels are much higher than mine and i could never play in as many tournaments. Well done again

very often I see your new achievements, and I am delighted that you have obtained such a good game ... I wish you good luck and congratulations on the new developments in this year ... I'm sure that this year you are sure to do the goals and exceed them. .. By the way any room you like the most?

There is always someone pushing with A rag and most of the times they win.
You prefer going out from another pocket pair than like this.
And the opposite of course rarely happens, when you are forced to go all in with an A like that Smile

Nice try but at least you got some cash for your efforts tomorrow is another day you will get it next time Smile

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