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Hey guys!

Yesterday I had this nice double suited hand on partypoker. I raised pot size on the button of course. Very tight player on BB 3bets. Easy for me to put him on AA so I decide to go see a flop hoping to hit anything that can beat a pair of aces. The flushes can be dangerous so I'm mostly gunning for 2 pairs/straights at this point.

Now look at the flop... Nothing I could do to dodge this. I knew he had top or middle set but I also knew the % were so close I couldn't fold, I even had the runner runner flush outs. Lost the hand but still, would play it again the exact same way.

EDIT: sorry about the pic, but this 1 MO limit makes it hard to put a good screenshot in

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Sometimes it's nothing you can do to avoid that unless somehow you accidently hit the fold button but that's unlikely in that spot it's poker I guess perhaps better hands and opportunities will present themselves moving forward keep grinding my friend and good luck at the tables moving forward Thumbs Up Smile

I am absolutely not surprised by this situation ... Omaha, such cases occur very often ... so I do not really like this game .. I certainly sometimes I play in it but only in those cases when I have no choice (eg Omaha freeroll) .. in hold'em me more than everything is clear and so I like Hold'em

I would prefer QsTsJh9h to your opponent's AdAc8c3c preflop and on the flop with that board texture. QJT9 doulbe suited has a lot of potential. There is absolutely no folding there. Better luck next time.

Well after the raises and depending on the money you had in, you had to call.
You are saying you lost the hand, but not how Smile
And why playing the hand the exact same way again? Because you lost it once it doesnt mean
it cant happen again.
Raising pot preflop in omaha can take you down very fast, if you want to defend your cards.

I have to agree with mober here.

Yeah well if it was a limp pot of course I could have folded but there was a 3bet and a call pre flop so just because of that it wouldn't be ev+ to fold to a race situation. I'm not playing poker online just to pay rake to the site... Blink

Of course I could've folded pre flop, but who would fold such a hand? Smile Just a regular cooler, but I thought it was cool that I was actually ahead of aces by 1%!

GL guys

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