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888 Poker ends in the Czech Republic!  0   
In connection with the new lottery act comes another very bad news for the Czech online poker. Your service will cease from tomorrow, offering domestic players to the world number two 888poker. This is only a temporary measure, due to the zmatům around the new law on ministries of finance and interior, but this "temporarily" can really stretch it. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

that's really sh1tty man, soon mroe countries will follow, I have this feeling. But maybe you should change your address to another country of EU and then also download it there. Maybe you still can play if you just switch your country of residence.
Maybe you have a Slovakian friend and you can "live" on his address. If you we're making money with 888 I would recommend this. But not if you just played for fun. GL Thumbs Up

888 I am surprised by their behavior ... it is easier to stop the players to allow a country than to pay for a license ... I think it's a bad sign, and probably should finish the game on this site ... suddenly Russia next?

Romania was last year in same situation but still now all romanians play at so maybe they will play at if Cz gouvernement buy that licence . I don t think it will happen to Russia ,because like any brand around world 888poker look for profit countries ,so at it is Russia has a lot of players (God may know how many ) . Still i don t really know if tis platform is not under UK juristiction , anithing could be possible then

That didnt take long. Only a couple of days ago we saw the news about the australian market,
and now this.
They are just pulling the plug too easy there.
At some point they will have to start paying the fees if they still want to stay in business.
You cant run a site with no players Smile

It's sad, but I think everything will work out ====As for Russia, it would be foolish to withdraw from such a market. Although 888 we can expect everything, even unprofitable decisions

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They did the same in Hungary. Seems pretty much they are giving up that sweet mid-european (market) dough for the grabs of some lesser known networks or PS. Sad, but honestly to the hell with them.
Plenty other companies stayed and stuck up to our goverment by changing their web address, thats eve the least amount of effort you could give but meanwhile makes all the difference.

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