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Heater just happened in Hyper-Turbo MTT 1st Currently.  -1   
Just had a run of 4 straight hands hold up to put me into the lead of a 1.10$ Hyper-Turbo and we've already cashed. Sitting 1/51 with 71 getting paid. One bullet fired only so min investment is good.

Here are the hands in consecutive order...

I'll update this when finished want to concentrate.

Also 2 of 4 in a 18 Player Turbo 3..50$ atm. Hope to take this one down as well.

Wish me luck guys and girls.

Just finished 3rd in the sit & go for 11.37$ almost 8$ in profits, not bad.

now this to take back the lead after falling to 3rd but not for very long.

1/27 so close

Now 2/8 almost final table time

FINAL TBALE HYPE 3/6 lets fing GO !

ouch Pushed my AK into bigger stack as he raised me preflop and calling made no sense this late with the blinds as high as they were. He had 89 and flopped open ended straight and hit turn 9 game over. out in 4th in this one for 28.87$. 27.77$ of which is all profit. so all in all good showing.

Big hand didn't hold up late and I'm toast but another deep run for your boy TheIrish77.

I think I'll be up most of the night so i'm sure more stories to come from the online felts.

Later all and hope the gods have been kind to all my friends on here.

Edited by TheIrish77 (23 January 2017 @ 07:33 GMT)

Hey TheIrish! Looks like you have made some decent profit again this session. So close from first prize though, but 4th place is nothing to complain about in a tournament like this one. Of course you always want first place but sometimes there's just nothing you can do about it when it gets to 3-4 handed the play loosens quite a bit of course.

Next time you'll win it Smile Good luck!

That really was a tremendous run of hands you had in succession. To get these sort of hands consecutively is very rare but, even rarer, for them to all hold up is phenomenal. Well done again on your win

well that was close, you good run seems to have turned into the usual results now, if you don't cash is something that could raise eyebrows, now just the usual business- TheIrish dude is scalping the opposition and robbing them in the middle of the day.

for fun just signed up for a 11$ hyper turbo 6 max MTT.

A bit steep for my roll but with the run of good cards why not try to step it up a little.

Just hit a big hand but gave back a few chips top 15 early just hit a break time for a walk around the apartment and get some air on balcony. hope this holds up and better the payouts are good for this one. 578$ up top currently.

heres the hand...Trapped beautifully but he had nothing and gave me his chips anyways, nice fellow to do that for me.

Wish me luck guys.

TheIrish will be back....

Played A10 suited went all in against dueces and they held for the villain. that sucked was doing really well again.

Well after that disappointment I thought i'd try the Hot 3.30$ 5K GTD. Just got lucky too double up first hand played AQ me vs AK villian and he had the A of spades with three spades on board so I needed to hit a 2 outer, watch what happens next....

Edited by TheIrish77 (23 January 2017 @ 10:23 GMT)

   0 on fire Irish. Congratz for your winning almost everyday.Good decision I think you play at higher buy in at lucky moment.How many MTTs do you play everyday ? I wish you get success at higher buy in MTT. good luck. Go...go...go Smile

Posted by pochui:
TheIrish dude is scalping the opposition and robbing them in the middle of the day.

That totally sounds like some cherokee highwayman hundred and fifty years ago in the USA but I get the matphor Big Smile

Congrats to TheIrish77 btw!

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