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I can confirm that cake poker had that system. One of the good things they had.
You were only allowed to play specific low buy in tables.
Not even all kinds of games.
If you wanted to remove the restrictions, you had to deposit.

I doubt they dont have the ability to program it like this, as they are claiming according
to peronibar.

Well, nobody holds a gun to your head to register and play there in the first place, but if you do it anyway than the first thing you should be interested in is not their potential promotions rather than the T&C attached to those. You could call it predatory for all I care (I am not playing here anyway, I am fairly sceptical when it comes to cryptocurrency) but if you read it then choose to proceed with that in your mind - it's not their fault after all.

Bitstarz is one of my favorite sites.
Very quick deposits and withdrawls.
I had no problems with this casino, so I recommended it to All who want playing casino without any headaches. Thumbs Up

I see the reviews on this site are divided ... someone says that they are scammers and who is that this is the most honest people on the planet ... I think that the truth is somewhere near ... partly right and those and others

Posted by magatt966:
Have an entertaining read here

If you won't bother reading that thread here is a short summary:

They say you can't bet more than a certain amount when clearing bonuses but they didn't automated that limit: so their system let you bet more than that amount during bonus clearing. Until you lose your money you are fine but if you end up winning they won't let you withdraw your winning claiming you broke the rules.

My general opinion is Bitstarz have a predatory behaviour regarding winning coming from their bonuses and I am not going to play there until they change their attitude on this matter.

But feel free to deposit and play (lose) there

Just an update on the bolded part:

finally Bitstarz , admitting lot of players were asking for it, decided to implement an automated system preventing players to break bonuses rules.

A player of theirs shared this email he received from them:


Hi there,

One thing that can be very confusing as a new player is the max bet rule with bonus money which is stated in the terms and conditions.

This states that you can only bet under a certain amount with bonus money, and if not followed, it could result in a confiscation of winnings, and we do not want that.

We received quite a few requests from players to develop an automatic max bet protection to ensure that you are unable to bet over the said limit, and we're happy to say that it's now live!

Now you can put your mind at ease and not worry about the bonus max bet limit, so you can focus on the most important thing. Having fun!


Definitely a good move from them
Thumbs Up

But one should wonder why that move after all.
It started hitting bad on their business with their previous acting, according to the rules,
and they decided to do that change? Thats my belief Smile
It doesnt require years of hard work, to make an addition to the software to cap the limit Smile

Yea,good move.First delete money many players like me and than develop max bet protection after one year job with this scam rules.And many site advertise this and delete negative coments,i think they all get very good pay for this.I see on one site one player create nick like bitstarzscam or something because we cant write negative about this casino,they delete imediately

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BankrollMob Forum » Casino Forum » bitstarz scam or not ?

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