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SekaBET Casino

SekaBET Casino provides a fantastic platform for online casino players to enjoy one of the best experiences on the web today. That might sound like an outlandish statement, but the overall packages SekaBET offers its players truly warrants that title. With loads of games being provided by some of the most popular game developers, as well a number of companies making their Live Casino accounts a[...]   Read more » SekaBET Casino

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SekaBET Casino seems to have established a great relationship with numerous well-known software designers. There are a broad and popular selection of games provided by the reputable developers. It's worth a try at SekaBET Casino.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (26 January 2017 @ 17:50 GMT)

ok i am not too deep into this virtual casinos operators business and the ins and outs, but having slots from various companies is quite a new format, usually operators just strike a deal with one company and they provide the software (in the form of various slots and possibly other games) now these dudes have agreements with many of the major companies... meaning lots of choices if you are into virtual slots

Never heard of sekabet casino, the name doesn't sound too modern, somehow more strange than anything else, but this is just name, so its not that important. I think it is another casino to have in your list when you want to play online and look for a good place and good offers, you check them all and pick one that has best offers at the moment.

ahaha sekabet is very funny name)) ... the fact is that the seka is in the Russian card game of chance and is very simple ... usually it is played in prisons .. and not only ... in general the name of the casino gave me to understand that it belongs to Russian

Posted by pochui:
usually operators just strike a deal with one company and they provide the software (in the form of various slots and possibly other games)

Naah, 80% of online casinos use different game vendors because just one software company could not provide a great deal of variety in terms of playability, graphics, RTP etc. than 3 or 4 could. If you are thinking about their downloadable software, then yeah, thats usually has one source only but even within that software there will be various games from various companys next to each other because providing plenty options in this business 2 spend your money is a key to the market.

tried today to see what this new casino .. at first feels pretty good .. everything confuses me only one ... that's what this casino belongs to the people of the Soviet Union .. the only thing that might come to mind (I mean the name)

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