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Party Poker $1000 compensation freeroll. Party  +1   
Party Poker
Date & Time: Sunday, February 12, 2017 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET / 14:00 EST
Name/ID: BankrollMob Christmas Calendar Freeroll
Prize: $1000
Game: HoldEm NL
Requirements: » Christmas Calendar doors

Let's try this again...

Unfortunately the previous Christmas freeroll was played at a completely wrong time of day, and not in the European evening as it was promised. Therefor we host this "compensation freeroll" for all eligible players (see below), at hopefully the correct time, this time Smile We apologize for the inconvenience on the first freeroll and wish you all good luck in this one!

PS: We urge you to check the partypoker client in the days leading up to this freeroll, to confirm the date and time. While we don't expect any issues this time, better safe than sorry!

This freeroll is only for members who opened 100+ doors in our December Christmas Calendar promotion, and who afterwards registered for the freeroll by submitting their partypoker account name, from the Mob Account page here on BankrollMob. It is now too late to make changes to submitted account names.

Nice from BRM Ty

Worship Smile Big Smile Cool

Putting a link to the listing, in case something changes it will be reflected there and not in the 1st post of this thread:

wow one more time BRM proved how awesome it is Big Smile

Wow !!! SUPER Blink Thx BRM Blink

Wow another chance to play with my fellow mobsters and another chance to win some more cash very greatly appreciated bankroll mob Worship Thumbs Up Big Smile Smile

thanks BRM for this,now everybody can see what I was talking every day,that problem was at party poker!and with this another reward from BRM,we can see why this site is great!thank you again and will see you on tables!good luck!

Really nice of You Bankrollmob.... Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

nice maybe if i fold my pocket kz i wont be like the third person out lol Aww crap!

Thanks to BRM!
I knew we could trust them
at this occasion too!

thanks for this nice surprise BankrollMob Thumbs Up Worship This is an excellent opportunity for those members of the forum who did not participate in the tournament,many members are arguing,everyone knew that the this is fault of Party Poker,now again have the chance to all hang out at this tournamen

It's amazing and great news. BRM proves once again that the best!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Smile

THERE YOU GO BRM Heart Thumbs Up

Very cool.

Very good of you BRM.



Appreciated. Last night's tournament would have started at 3 am local time, which is a bit too late when I have to be at work at 9 am Smile

We have always known that the quality of BankrollMob support staff is top-notch and outstanding. We won't forget their kind gesture and hospitality.
Good luck to all mobsters who will be playing the tournament next month.

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (30 January 2017 @ 19:33 GMT)

What can you say here Smile
A great surprise for all the ones eligible for it, and even a better one for those who already
managed to play the first one and won some money too.
I wonder if there is anyone now, that is unpleased to what happened so far Smile

Very well, I like .. another opportunity since this time I paid an allin with AK vs KQ and the flop showed Q and I was eliminated ...

This will be great i can see the free.roll is scheldue for 12th feb...Thanks to bankroll mob we all have another chanse to take a shot for some prise i plazed last one and finished 22th was close to ITM but ...Hope will be better in next one GL to all!!!

quite impressed with brm to pull this off Worship Thumbs Up actually throughout the years i've been a member of this epic site they have never put a foot wrong- they always keep their promises and if some of their business partners fcuk up they are there to clear the mess. thank you for being so awesome Worship

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