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BRM returns in Pokerstars?
What do you think?

i think it is just as likely as Saddam rising back from the dead in the form of fluffy bunny or Count Dracula becoming a vegetarian and starting his own cooking show called sth like "The Green Blood".

in other words, yes i think it's very likely.

Does it matter what I think? I am not a MTV "person", so people don't care what I think. The things I think can change people in a good way, but who wants that? No one. But in all fairness, I think that is not gonna happen. If so, I wouldn't care much.. why? because the pay out is too low on PS. There are too many people playing there. So you must only play for the leaderboard and if you not succeed on the leaderboard you make so little profit for so much time, it's only good for people who come from a bad economy, but like I said, who cares what I think....... Tongue

Ahhhhh don't worry about it too much Ingrind, don't take it seriously Big Smile no one has come out alive from this life, all our stupid mistakes and our best moments will cease to exist once death has it last laugh, so smile Big Smile have a bong hit, chilax and watch the stupid fly their fly`s Big Smile
On the topic of new leaderboard and taking place on JOKESTARS, im against it, i hate that rigged place, if we have a new leaderboard it should better be on Party or 888, slow software but less rigged shyte to deal with, my 2 cents on this matter Big Smile

Dont expect it to be played there.
Poker stars and full tilt, where the ones that stopped the tournament there.
If there are gonna be any t will be in one of the remaining poker rooms.
You will have to be patient with the leader board tournaments.

I knew this man wanted to know the answer to a question that worries many players .. where to begin another series BRM freerolls .. but he could not explain it understandable for everyone .. Google translator is not always correctly translates what he wanted to tell people Blink

I dont know if the freerolls can be on pokerstars but if they will be there they will be very popular, lots of players at all times in pokerstars and this is good, but I do not think it is very good for those who want to play in smaller tournaments with less people and more better chances of winning

yes indeed mr Gerimantas very well spotted that brm freeroll @pokerstars/riverstars/jokerstars would be massively popular, like 10k+ entrants would be fighting for great prize of $50 and having no interest in the leaderboard itself, an if you happen to be thinking bout the leaderboard you're in for a real donkfest...

Not many chances hitting the top spots in leader board while they were been played in pokerstars and full tilt,
cause of the number of players, as it has been stated here.
If you are playing every single freeroll, then it is better if it is in a site, with less registrations.
The less they are, the better your chances are, hitting good finishes, improving your rank in the board.
So cross your fingers and wish for a small site Smile

Yes there is a lot of people on PokerStars in such tournaments and much even all the same what the tournament such is. For us it isn't absolutely good. BRM without Pokerstars will be better let.

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