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how i can registed the tourney

If your account was open trough BRM than it is very simple it cost 5 Party points to register and this is it you are in the game.

However if your account was not open trough here than you just can't play this tournament.

I hope you are in the first option and i wish you good luck. Thumbs Up

This is the weekly freeroll that most wanna play from the brm games.
Small player field with good payouts for the winning positions, making it worth
your trouble and time Smile
But like pinotte said, if you are not tracked, there is no way for it.

New Vegas.... did you manage to get into the tourney this evening? If you did you may have been lucky enough to see me, but you had to keep,your eyes open as I was only in for one hand...... I blew out all in with a gutshot and lost out. Never mind...there's always another time. Hope it went well for you all.

it would be nice to know,do you have party poker account or not!if you dont have then would be easy,just need to register and need 5 party points for buy in!if you have party account from BRM link,then again everything is good and you can play!but if you already have party account adn registration is not from BRM link,then you cant play this tourney!

I am a little sad that it costs 5 party points to enter this freeroll, 5 party points is not very easy to collect when you play most freerolls or very small buyin tournaments or sit and go, so I would like kore if it was real freeroll, but still it is a great tournament with small amount of players

you can collect party points on casino or any other way on party site,software or whatever you play at their site!so its not only at poker that you get points!and it easier to earn points at casino,then on poker,because at poker you get points from cost of fee of some tournament,not from whole amount of buy in!for example if buy is 22 $,from that 22 fee is 2 $ and from that you getting points,not whole amount!

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