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AI Program ‘DeepStack' Beat NLHE Pros before Libratus

Libratus, a name for an artificial intelligence bot that made headlines a month back after defeating a team of accomplished poker professionals, is proof that computer programs are now intelligent enough to beat even the best of humans in the tricky card game of no-limit Texas hold'em poker. The highly publicized AI defeated its opponents in 20 days. However, as luck would have it for the Carneg[...]   Read more » AI Program ‘DeepStack' Beat NLHE Pros before Libratus

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Still I would prefer that none of these AI's should get an internet connection anytime soon, let alone make them handle the nuclear codes or whatnot. We don't need Skynet. Yet.

Right I also would prefer not to play against machines in a strategy game... I much prefer humans and their mistakes! Poker is a game of small margins where even the best player in the world can lose to the worst player in the world on any given hand. I'm not quite sure that I understand how a computer deals with tough psychological situations considering good players usually polarize and balance their ranges nicely they are nearly impossible to predict.

I'm sure any computer is beatable at poker in the end, but only in 1 session, can't win if you play tonbs of volume against it, especially if it has to capacity to analyze your patterns (which I don't knwo if it does).

And these two wont be the last one we are going to see.
AT least when they use these programs to play poker is better than used in other purposes.
What other programs the governments secretly have made so far, or are in the process....
New leak we had today...

When i see more and more bots beating human players in no limit poker and all know that in limit poker this is done a lot earlier, it is really a situation where i dont want to put any bigger money into poker site, better nust play roulette or blackjack and have fun

I wish i could get one of these bots to play for me some times!!! A lot of people think that poker is all down to luck but, this disproves the theory and, Mathematics is a very big part

Mathematics certainly has the most part in poker game but the element of randomness has not been canceled ... I usually play not very large number of hands so the element of randomness prevails before math in my game

These two computer are costing millions of dollars and are run by a team not only one guy.

IMO these two poker sessions were just practice to use AI and you won't see them playing poker very often.

AI would be used for many other more activity then poker.

millions or not, but that's the present... it's just the beginning, and what the dudes are doing now is basically testing the concept... which by the looks of things works... from there on as with anything else we saw in tech- prices will plummet and various programs will pop like mushrooms after the rain...

So, Artificial Intelligence can effortlessly calculate the probability of winning even when taking into account the statistics for each player bluffing? That's scary! Once you have opened Pandora's box and let out its secrets, there is no way of going back!

Millions and persons operating such a computer pinotte, is not an issue for governments,
when they are using such equipment for their own agenda.
That is the scary part, at least one side of the story.
You cant say that they are using it always for a good purpose.

The mentioned AI's are all running under some college/university program because one thing the goverment do not spend on at all is innovation. The other thing is their constituents but thats another stotry altogether.

I think, that no good, weak tight players played with this bot, becouse no won!

I dont think that it would matter, if the players were different.
Not to mention that some of the well known pros, wouldnt want to participate,
trying to keep their reputation high Smile
But of course you never know.

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