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Boss texted me late last night that it was too cold here and that we would start on Monday!! Yay!!!

So decided to play the PSO again at 1am as sleeping wasn't happening and finished 186 of 4631 another good run. 2 straight top 400 ! Now just have to finish top 400 next

Now just finishing up a 0.10 cent Turbo 360 players and have some FINAL TABLE HYPE!!!

That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at and taking names tonight.

Sitting 3/4 currently

So just took the whole thing down a 360 player turbo on Stars!!!

Feels good to win a MTT and great ROI.

Got to last 4 in 3rd place but quickly got rid of other 2 players to get to heads up from there a few hands later and I won!

big hand was him pushing 37 suited against my A5 and i caught the A and he was crippled less than 1 blind and it was done.

Been a while so is a very nice feeling.

Maybe more updates soon.

Edited by TheIrish77 (15 March 2017 @ 08:44 GMT)

Many congratulations to you on winning this tournament. You have been very close to winning a few of these lately and it is thoroughly deserving that you win one. Well done again to you and keep the updates coming!!

Very nice! That must have given a lot of fight! Turning $0,10 into $6,80 it sure must give you a great feeling! So, until next monday you still have a lot of time and oportunities to keep upgrading your bankroll. Keep focused on what matters! Good luck for next rounds! Cool

Congratulations on playing the tournament turbo 360 players, when playing in pokerstars, was one of my favorite, several times I win and many tables end .. it is nice to reach the 3 first place, it is good to know that the level as player of Poker grow, keep up with good pace. Good luck at the tables. Cool Dollar Thumbs Up

Very nice, Irish. The best I've managed to do is get $0.22 or something, but my time will come. Let us know when you're playing so we know to avoid your steamroller run here.

Wow, big congratulations go to TheIrish77 on winning the $0.10 buy-in 360-man tournament on PokerStars! We all marvel at his unparalleled capability and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

It's nice to see your new achievements .... you are one of the few people on this forum who reports on their successes in the poker game .... I wish you good luck in future games and win more and more Thumbs Up

Nice one TheIrish.....and here we were just getting ready for a period of time without any updates from you and here you are updating us within 24 hours and as usual you are smashing the tables and making good profit. A pretty cool,way to start the end of your winter break. Make the most of these last few days.

You started the work with a postponement of the starting date Smile
I dont think that you were too anxious, to work though Smile
And again you did good winning this time a tournament for a great payout,
for your buy in. Congratulations.

Congrats, good win. I want a 68 times return on my investments too Big Smile

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