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Hey boys and girls it's your boy TheIrish77 and just sitting down to the tables and starting off with a 0.33 cent Sunday Storm 6th Anniversary Qualifier with 10 seats gtd.

Sitting 1st early on and off to a great start and that with losing 25 k earlier on. Could've been a monster chip lead early but still hanging on to # 1.

Here's the hand that got me going early on...

I'll update later on if things go well.

Bam!!! Now this hand...

Crashed and burned hard on this one. lost a couple of flips and lost control. Game done.

On to the next one.

Edited by TheIrish77 (16 March 2017 @ 16:17 GMT)

If you do not take risky bets then there will not be big wins ... I wish you luck in the next tournament ..... but I do not like to play sattelitas ... I have a lot of time to play and I do not really like it

Just final tabled another 0.10 cent Turbo 360 player on Stars.

Sitting 2/9

Will update at end.

out in 3rd for 3.66$. another good profit on this one and another positive step forward.

Got stupid with last hand and paid for it.

On to the next one i suppose.

Wishing everyone a blessed day and hope you're enjoying whatever you're up too.

Edited by TheIrish77 (16 March 2017 @ 18:39 GMT)

Wow, it is great to see you doing great, TheIrish77. We all know how hard you have been working on developing your skills in poker. Your determination to reach your goal has been remarkable. Good luck with your game.

Try some more Sunday Storm sats, it's worth it.

A couple of nice hands here and they played out perfectly for you. The Ace Queen hand was a proper cold deck and the chips were always going to go in on this hand. The Ace Nine also played out really sweetly for you

Back to the first hand you show, this was a nice hand and one that some people only dream of, specially as it played out the way it did with the villain also having a queen. The dangers of playing KQ eh? A nice outcome with the A9 hand as well, which could have gone so badly wrong with those two sixes, but Lady Luck held out and the better starting hand won. Well done.

Good results there as usual, you got a bit unlucky in the first one while you had the
chip lead. Well unlucky at the end of it, cause you were lucky till then Smile
Good luck on next one, taking one more down.

TheIrish77 you have more luck,now when you dont work,because of weather!so better to play poker,then to work!but hope that you will some bigger tournaments,with better payouts!if you can win this kind of tourneys,then you can win some bigger!

TheIrish77 Plays small tournaments with a little buyin and often takes good places .... hmmmmm .... maybe I can try to play like that ... ... and then the syngo and freerolls are fed up ... probably need to try

I tried some of these Sunday Storm Qualifier too, but i don´t have luck. But the Sunday Storm and Million tourney are verry nice with great prizes. The only problem was that you must play the hole night for a big cash Blink

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