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Congrats on the nice cash my friend keep up the good work at the tables Worship Thumbs Up Smile

Posted by StheP:
Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
This is fantastic! Absolutely awesome! Very well done!
Massive congratulations on winning $640! You had a great experience of playing $215 buy-in (which you earned it for free!) tournament! What are you going to do with your money if you don't mind my asking?

well as you may know that month ago I busted 1k$ roll, and I was rebuilding it playing cash game... this win, recovered almoust all my BR, but I withdrow some of it... now I will grind cash games, no more spins for me Big Smile

Spins aren't too bad if you don't play too much of them. I think you have to be pretty lucky to win in this format if you play only that. To me spins are mostly recreational when you want to play a quick SnG Blink

Congratulations for cashing in that title fight main event... When you get entry for free it makes it easier to remain calm and play your A game even if it's a big buy-in tournament.

Good luck with ur new BR ^^

StheP .... wow... congratulations on a. Very nice cash in this tournament that cost you nothing to play. I'm glad to see that this is refuelling your depleted bankroll. Make sure that you look after your winnings and not blow it away. Keep up the good work and may your success run for a long time to come.

It is very nice to win money ... it's even more pleasant to do this without investing your money ... and in this case, even a big win ... I congratulate you on the next success and wish to continue your winning streak ... good luck

BIG congrazt to you sthep for making 640$ in this tournament from nothing etc..0$ Smile I know you will do somthing similiral like this very soon because you spew your bankroll in spins on tilt and softwer is always like that and in some time they back you money you lose Blink classic...GL and zhis time take is visely
Dollar Dollar Dollar

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