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I played in this tourney last week and done not too bad, i got a $22 ticket for taking a bounty Smile and i finished i think in 13th / 14th for another ticket this one was for $11.
Well i logged in tonight and i had already been registered for tonights and i was a bounty myself Cool
I played not too bad a bit tighter than usual ( if thats possible Big Smile ) and i reached the final table , eventually i went out 4/204 for a $22 ticket. Maybe i'll have better luck with this one as i got nothing out the other 2 Sad

GL at the tables. Thumbs Up

Nice one... congrats teddybears73...
I guess you'll have to play the $22 Fight even tighter Big Smile

GL on that one... hope you get to the FT where the BIG PRIZES wait for you Smile

Many congratulations to you on winning another ticket and you are getting even closer to winning one of the bigger prizes. These satellites are notoriously difficult to qualify from, so you must be playing really well

Nice result there with 204 players in the tournament.
And having a bounty on your head makes it even more difficult,
since many players,widening their all in range of shoving all in, when they see
an opportunity for a bounty Smile

Bounty it's always tempting to try to knock out a player even having not very good cards ... congratulations on winning and of course you always want to achieve the maximum result ... but not always it turns out

Congrats, nice achievements, great effort, etc. But if I have to be honest the only Bounty I like is the chocolate one - the dark chocolate one with the red packaging is my fav - too bad I cannot get tickets or money for particpating in those Big Smile

My most sincere congratulations go out to teddybears73 for his fabulous achievement. He deserves it every bit! He has worked really hard, and his efforts were completely worth it. Wishing him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Thanks all Thumbs Up
Couldn't do nothing again with it. i got sucked out on 2 pair for me vs a flush draw Sad
I had QK off and he had 45 Spade flop comes 4 Diamond 2 Club q Spade turn k Spade and then the magic river ( for him) 8 Spade all in on the river and he called. Obviously Tongue
Ah well i'll try again next week.

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