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BankrollMob Forum » News » Poker Pro Gets 8 Years Behind Bars For $31M Debt Collection Scam

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Poker Pro Gets 8 Years Behind Bars For $31M Debt Collection Scam

Tags: fraud, Travell Thomas
Posted on 25 April 2017 by "T".
Travell Thomas, age 38, who has over $500,000 in lifetime poker tournament earnings, was sentenced to 8 years and 4 months in federal prison last Thursday, as punishment for orchestrating a fraudulent debt collection business out of Buffalo, New York. Thomas finally admitted and pleaded guilty at the end of 2016 to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and one count of wire fraud. His sen[...]   Read more » Poker Pro Gets 8 Years Behind Bars For $31M Debt Collection Scam

  25-Apr-17, 08:55   #1
Poker Pro Gets 8 Years Behind Bars For $31M Debt Collection Scam 0 
Joined: Dec '08
Location: Latvia
Age: 30 (M)
Posts: 97
good riddance

  25-Apr-17, 14:21   #2

Joined: Mar '14
Location: Japan
Age: 46 (M)
Posts: 8983
White-collar crimes are just as guilty as other violent, horrific crimes.
I actually didn't know Travell Thomas until I read this article. His lifetime poker earnings are not much when compared to other prominent poker professionals...

  25-Apr-17, 18:24   #3
Joined: Jan '17
Location: Lithuania
Age: 62 (M)
Posts: 1756
I don't understand what did he actually do, he has his hands in this steal of 31 million dollars, but no information about what was he doing. 8 years is a lot of time of your life to spend in prison, I wonder if he is thinking oe that he was wrong to do what he did

  25-Apr-17, 19:47   #4

Joined: Mar '11
Location: Russian Federation
Age: 48 (M)
Posts: 6547
He certainly is a criminal and let him cry even further, but he must be in prison for his crimes ... as I understood from the article, he did not return the money to the victims, citing the fact that he had only a small part of this money? .... I I very much doubt it ... so they say all those who were caught for a crime

  25-Apr-17, 20:41   #5
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 43 (F)
Posts: 14104
The initial jail time seemed too big for a crime like that, but the amount of money was also.
Even if he didnt get much profit out of it, he went down as the ceo for the company.
They usually get most of the blame when something like that happens to a company.

  26-Apr-17, 01:34   #6
Joined: Apr '09
Location: Germany
Age: 36 (M)
Posts: 272
Sadly he's going to Federal prison so he's not getting Buttbumped allways the same scam people for millions and you get send to play Tennis and s**t like that steal some groceries and you'll end up in a place where you wish u had a chastity belt

  26-Apr-17, 07:45   #7

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 10090
ah well at least he only got 8 years behind the bars and no in between the bars, or maybe this is actually a typo and he really got 8 years behind the bar? you know collecting the trash and mopping the pavement, also taking care of the overly pissed-on bar corners...

  26-Apr-17, 08:07   #8
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 7371
This is a particularly nasty scam and i am glad that they were caught and sent to jail. I think he got off very lightly with only eight years and i would have put him behind bars for a lot longer

  26-Apr-17, 11:06   #9
Joined: Feb '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 55 (M)
Posts: 5643
It's sooooooo sad when someone scamming millions from vulnerable (or even not vulnerable) people, gets caught and convicted of his crimes. Weeping out of pity or out of loss of freedom and liberty? Who cares. You do the crime, you pay the time. I hope everyone enjoys his time in prison.

  26-Apr-17, 11:24   #10

Joined: Apr '08
Location: Mauritius
Age: 55 (M)
Posts: 4111
he used to play poker for chips but now he will play poker for cigarettes even if he does not smoke as when poker is your hobby you can't stop yourself from playing the game, bye Thomas and you should be glad that it's only 8 yrs you surely deserved more IMO.

  26-Apr-17, 13:18   #11

Joined: May '09
Location: Croatia
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 9017
when people dont know when to stop and what amount is enough to steal!he couldnt stop and 15,20 millions and then to take that money,go on some other country,caribbean or asia and enjoy in money rest of life!

  27-Apr-17, 00:12   #12

Joined: Apr '12
Location: Hungary
Age: 36 (M)
Posts: 7065
Posted by pochui:
you know collecting the trash and mopping the pavement, also taking care of the overly pissed-on bar corners...

8 years 'behind a bar' makes you an alcoholic not a trash collector IMO Big Smile

  30-Apr-17, 19:43   #13

Joined: Apr '17
Location: Argentina
Age: 32 (M)
Posts: 568
Wee I can not believe that haha those people with that amount of silver that does those things ... but hey I think all, or at least the majority we are like that, that as we win we want to follow and to have every more ...

  30-Apr-17, 19:51   #14

Joined: Nov '12
Location: Canada
Age: 52 (M)
Posts: 4622
G'day mates
I hope he never gets out of prison.
A piece of crud like that deserves to get shived on the inside.
I say let the other criminals kill him like a dog.
Humanity will be better off without his type of personage allowed to live.
hmmm maybe I am just angry though

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