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As i checked the online traffic on another site, there was a new network in second place, that i had never heard of before. IDN Poker, based in Manila. This network is made up of a dozen or so sites that also say nothing to me. Anyone any experience with them?

no haven't heard of them either, but i guess it's a network that is catering the asian players market and naturally the numbers in this market are huge, that's where the traffic numbers come from... probably they are not interested in european players at least so far, that's why we haven't heard of them. my 2 cents only.

I havent heard of them either.
pochui must be right about the speculation of the asian market.
And from a fast search i did in google, a site says for asian players only,
so i dont think you can experience the whole thing Smile

I am surprised to learn that IDNPoker (provided by IDNPlay) has already surpassed 888poker in terms of the number of real-money players. It is noteworthy that the smallest stake available on IDNPoker is 50/100 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) (approximately US$0.00375/$0.00750).

Posted by Tony_MON7ANA:
It is noteworthy that the smallest stake available on IDNPoker is 50/100 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) (approximately US$0.00375/$0.00750).

Well, there is your answer about their popularity... I would have become a gambler lot sooner if somebody would have made it - betting/poker/whatnot - all available to real pennypinchers sooner.

Asian players have decided to make a fenced oasis from the whole world ...... ok if they do not want to see players around the rest of the world means that they need something then .... ok let it be so

The user interface and graphics of IDNPoker are not exceptionable but acceptable.
I definitely would like to try their Live Texas Hold’em, the innovative and unique online poker presented by a live dealer.

I never heard anything about that network and i´m not sure, is that serious with an international license or not. I hope this network was approved and because we have a new big player in the business Big Smile More poker rooms for a new boom was nice for all players.

I too not heard of this poker room or as you say a network of poker rooms with idn poker management, I think kike some people say in this post that this is poker room or rooms that have players from the east as their clients, so very big client base to pick from and it is proba ly well known there.

And the reason we havent heard about it, is that we arent allowed to play there.
So there is not point for the whole network advertising in markets, with no gain at all.

But at least now if any one moves to an asian country, knows there is one more option,
thanks to shokaku.

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