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Max Pescatori and Todd Brunson buys Las Vegas resto Roma Deli

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Posted on 09 May 2017 by "K".
Last week, Max Pescatori and Todd Brunson were the talk of the poker community after news came out that they purchased the renowned Las Vegas restaurant named Roma Deli, situated a few miles west of the strip, at 5755 W Spring Mountain Road. A 2016 Poker Hall of Fame inductee and winner of one WSOP bracelet, Todd Brunson is a known foodie who frequently posts photos of his meals at various restau[...]   Read more » Max Pescatori and Todd Brunson buys Las Vegas resto Roma Deli

Max Pescatori and Todd Brunson buys Las Vegas resto Roma Deli  0   
If this a good restaurant with plenty traffic and good neighbourhood then I don't understand why are they selling it, if not then I don't get that why are thy buying it...

This is a much better move than investing all your money back to poker.
And this is what you need to do in general when you have lots of money Smile
Spread it around in different forms, so when one fails to have back ups.

I used to frequent nearby restaurants and shops in Chinatown when I was living in Las Vegas. So, I know where Roma Deli is located. I would love to try it out the next time I am in Vegas. Maybe this fall.

That is a smart decision from them to invest in the business of selling food and drinks, sure it cost them a lot of money but it will be profitable one plus one of them probably has a knowledge in restoration which is an advantage...

This sounds like a very good investment for these two and they should do well out of this. This restaurant is world famous and they should have no trouble recouping their investment

a what? a restroom deli? now that's a concept that i wans't aware of, so how does it work in practice... i can only imagine that you sit on the toilet thinking about to sh1t or not to sh1t and figure out that you need a pint of guiness to make up your mind, just press the button and hot waitress brings you your beer in a zap...

g'day mates
I too think this new investment is a good idea for the two of them.
It does indeed give them another new source of income besides poker.
it is always a good idea to have more them one way to make money.

yeah.if this restaurant working just fine,then is question why they sell shares!maybe they want to invest in something new!and if both of players was regulars there,now they can be whole day in restaurant Big Smile !its nice to have shares of some restaurant in such a beautiful place like Las Vegas!

I think this is nice investment if you have some extra money and like food and all about it, so noe you can create some recipes ypu want to try, maybe evn yourself or with help of pro chef and just spend time in your restaurant. I too would like to have my restaurant, no maybe better a pub Tongue

Besides it is a business, it is also a place that you can eat, and know exactly what they
are serving you.
Thats when you are eating on your own establishment.
Cause there are many owners they dont even get close with the filth its in it Smile

of course they will make an investment 2 famous poker players more money for them to play professional poker .its in vegas and everyone poker player that knows them will go there and eat

I think it was good for poker pro´s to have other business ideas outside their poker career. So they have the chance to see other things as only their hole cards Blink And i´m sure that they play with a higher motivation.

BankrollMob Forum » News » Max Pescatori and Todd Brunson buys Las Vegas resto Roma Deli

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