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Record Tourney Coming Up At partypoker!

partypoker will host its most expensive poker tournament ever on Tuesday, May 16. As part of the ongoing $20,000,000 guaranteed POWERFEST, the $25,500 buy-in Super High Roller is by far the most expensive tournament in partypoker history. The event has a $2,000,000 guarantee and players will start with 100k chips and have the option to re-enter the tournament twice during the first 15 20-minute l[...]   Read more » Record Tourney Coming Up At partypoker!

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i have a feeling someone at party poker is sweating about potentially massive overlay... surely some bots need to be taken out of the locker and forced to take on the poker pros with deep pockets. at least i can confirm that i will not be shelling out 25K for a single tourney, yeah yeah i know big surprise... but sorry no pochui this year amongst the runners.

Laughing my a$$ off Pochui! Why don't you use a small portion of your bankroll to buy into this tournament? I don't understand... Big Smile We all know how great a poker player you are and you should definetly go back to playing cash games with the pros like in your poker after dark days.

I don't know if partypoker thinks that this tourney will attract a lot of pros on their website... I'm sure it will though!

Nice tournament indeed to be in. Lucky all those that will get a ticket from qualifiers,
since the buy in is a bit high for many players.
Wonder how the blind structure is. With so many chips as a starting stack
and 20 minutes blinds, it can last forever Smile

I asked a question in other thread but got my answer in this one so I'm clearly going to sleep peacefully now Smile thx and this 25k buy in tournament is looking very promising and I'll surely rail at some point I just can't wait Blink

Every time I make a joke about "selling" some of my action on these types of threads some lame sense-of-humourless troll gives me a thumbs down!!

f##k 'em if they can't take a joke!

GL all mobsters
3p out

imagine paying that much and busting early

There are 16 registrants at the moment. I noticed a player whose username is "GusHansen__74" on the registration list. Is this player that Gus Hansen? Probably not. The tournament starts in about 15 hours!

This sounds like it is going to be a fantastic tournament and it will be very interesting to see how many entries they get. I will not be entering myself but i will be checking to see who wins tomorrow

A buy in over 25k $ and the option for a rebuy in the first 20 minutes- i think i don´t play this big event today Big Smile A guarantee of 2 millions was great, but it was interesting to see how many hours they play with a starting chip stake of 100k. But it was nice that more sites offer big events Thumbs Up

you need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars on your party poker account to buy in on this kind of tournament and then you rebuy if you starting stack!if somebody have this kind of amount on poker account,what then he have in bank account!seek!

Anyone watching the tournament to give some update, as to how many players are in,
and the money for the first prize?
Curiosity hits you, when you hear it is the biggest online tournament so far Smile

I am watching it they are now on the 9th. level with 100 entrants and late registration goes up to level 15th.

I never though they would have so many entrants at this price but they did it well above the required needed to break even.

Also here is a screen shot of prize pool for now. This tournament is far from finish 4hrs. of play 73 players left.

Edited by pinotte (16 May 2017 @ 21:58 GMT)

Attached Imagesprize.PNG

The bubble burst after eight and a half hours of play first place is $741000 with fourteen players left if only Party let me use my 4K ticket to buy into one of these high roller events what a waste Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

Wow! A total prize pool of $3,225,000! That is very impressive.
It looks like that a couple of sponsored pros at PartyPoker, Brazilian ‘joaosimaobh’ and ‘SamTrickett’ from United Kingdom, finished in the money out of a field of 129 players. And I think ‘BROTHERRALPH’ from United Kingdom was the only female player that cashed in this tournament. Very well done!

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (17 May 2017 @ 07:18 GMT)

I always said that there still was poker to play after the bubble. Very good example on this tournament the winner of it was 13th. of 14 on the above screen shot and managed to finish first.

There was deal t i don't understand since i was not there when they occur enclose is a screen shot of the final.

Attached Imageswinners.PNG

Who is the pro poker player joasomaobh?

I see Sam Trickett was playing it. This guy loves high roller tournaments online and offline it seems Smile I'm sure after playing the 1 million buy-in big one for one drop he doesn't really care about 25k buy-in tournaments anymore. And I'm sure a lot of player buy shares of his buy-ins so he doesn't really risk that much when he plays these!

Crazy rich people Big Smile

They had 129 entrants after all, and yes pinotte spotted it right, the screenshot says
about a deal.
Probably between first and second only, since the difference in prize money,
isnt that big as someone would expect in a normal payout.

anyone know what is the real name of noobstalker the player who finished 6th there, heard that nickname before but forget it all...

Posted by 3pokeronly:
Every time I make a joke about "selling" some of my action on these types of threads some lame sense-of-humourless troll gives me a thumbs down!!

well don't say to anyone, but that's me... i love trolling people on the forum and giving thumbs down to them for no reason whatsoever. this makes me feel a true man and not a toilet cleaner who is working for min wage and has to take care of all that sh1t.

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