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Was walking around my house in Toronto (Eglinton Ave, Sammy Beyo will know this) and ended up getting run over by a car! Yikes, the ajfulky no major injuries just lots of bruising and possible small issue with my hip, otherwise hot very lucky to be standing here.

Dumb woman reversed.from a stop sign and didn't and just knocked me right over and I blacke Out for a moment but came right around and got onto my back with in a few seconds. People from the local bank saw and heard and ran over to help me and called ambulance but they deemed no serious issues.

Now just have to get the woman to pay for my next 3 days or so of work and I'll be back in shape for Tuesday!. Since we have a long weekend coming up in Canada !

I guess I'll need to down as many beers as possible frisky night to make this (horrible ; ) pain go away.

That's my 2 cents for the day.

TheIrish out.

Edited by TheIrish77 (16 May 2017 @ 23:32 GMT)

well famous ex NBA player from our little city here in Serbia, maybe you know him Vlade Divac, almoust run me over like 10 years ago... and he is worth like 150m$... he was driving benz, and I was crossing street, and he hit the brakes and stop right in front of me... when i look in to car and see him, i emidiatly regret why I didnt throw myself on car xD could take a lot of money from him Tongue


... Shock

... Big Smile< ...OUch ...!!!

... Big Smile< ...I would have said... "Look toots,'s a hot day out here,'s about ya take me to Dairy Queen and do a lip-stand on my Dilly Bar,....and we'll call it square...! Cool

Hey Theirish77 yes I know where Eglinton Ave is that is very unfortunate that the lady ran you over and caused you injuries to miss work. Hopefully she does pay for your wages and I really hope you feel alot better soon buddy all the best in your recovery and have a great day my friend all the best to you Worship Thumbs Up Smile

hey the irish dude guess that this was your lucky day kinda, since well you didn't really got run over by a car, just a "friendly knock" and now you have an opportunity to get into some dealings with the woman behind the wheel... i don't know if money was all i would be looking for in this scenario... of course depending on the looks of the woman... maybe a bj or two as a compensation of the stress induced...

I hope you are feeling better TheIrish77, this is really not a good way to spend the day, this can happen to any of us, and you are not at fault so just bad accident for no reason from you... this makes me think that I will not go out today, wanted to buy another beer, but maybe next day Big Smile

Good thing you didnt get hurt too bad. Next time, try to pass in front of the car.
But that doesnt mean either the driver will see you Smile just that you will have more chances
to be seen Smile
Get well soon.

@StheP what if he hit you for real but you don't get injured badly, you would not be here with us posting and reading stuff with the money you would get for compensation and more importantly not cracking the safe etc... and that would be sad.

I know the feeling Theirish77 ten years ago I was delivering medical supplies for the ministry of health was in a rush instead of using the street intersection I took a short cut and put a huge dent in a Honda civic ambulance came took me to the hospital but luckily no damage done. I think now biggest distraction while driving is the Iphone. Best remedy is a 24 case of beer. Big Smile Blink

Phones and driving is a disaster.
While they have some good fines here, using a phone while driving, no one
is enforcing this.
There is not a single day to go for a drive today, without some smack talking on the phone causing
They should confiscate their phones for ever if you ask me, along with the car for a specific
period of time.
That will teach them....

I am glad that you are ok and that you didnt have some serious injuries!just wonder did she stop after that or she just leave?in todays world you have to watch more on people and on their driving,then on yourself!its nice that everything finished good!

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