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partypoker Brings Back Rakeback!

The all-new partypoker loyalty scheme will go live on Monday May 22nd and it will give players the opportunity to get up to 40% cashback/rakeback! It's a very straightforward loyalty scheme where players get 1 point for every $1 paid in cash game rake and tournament fees. Once you have earned 25 points, you will start getting cashback! You can get between 20% and 40% in cashback paid to your ac[...]   Read more » partypoker Brings Back Rakeback!

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This is a very welcome boost for Party Poker players and i congratulate them on this initiative. This will not affect me but higher stakes player will be getting some nice money back

Is it weekly or monthly rakeback, this is very interesting and I believe this will make the poker room a 5 star platform and become the new full tilt like it was before BF.

Yeah, I saw this yeaterday on facebook. I think that the more you lay the bigger the rakeback is going to be at the end of the week/month or whatever. Or is it instant rakeback? I'm not sure. But I saw the sheet and you can get up to 40% rakeback if you play a lot of volume. I'm sure the regulars will be happy about that!

Good luck mobsters

nice i havent played in a long while but had interest to get back at the tables. considering pokerstars has nothing to offer i think i know where ill be playing. prefer if it were monthly cashback though instead of weekly.

wonder if theyll change the casino loyalty program

this starts along with the new points system on the 22nd. you have to opt in to it weekly and you need to earn points to increase the percentage of rakeback you are eligible for the following monday - the main thing is to remember to OPT IN! otherwise it doesnt work/count

A newly introduced “Cashback Reward Plan” seems to be a recurring weekly reward plan that allows you to earn 1 point for every $1 rake (or $25 wager) you generate on partypoker.

There are several things you need to be aware of regarding the new plan:
• You need to manually opt-in to the "Cashback Reward Plan" each week by accessing the Rewards section of the client account. (If you opt-in mid-week all points earned in the current week will count towards your weekly points total.)
• You need to earn a minimum of 25 points (equivalent to $25 rake or $625 wager) during a seven-day period.
• You will earn points only as a result of real money wagering on all poker games.
• If your points at the end of the week fall between the tiers, then you will be awarded cash based on the last tier you achieved. The remainder of the points will expire.

Go to partypoker Cashback for more information.

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That´s nice a simply rakeback programm for every player- a nice comeback for a rakeback program on a big poker site! But i hope they don´t delete their other good promos like the missions and challenges and so on.

G'day mates
I applaud PartyP for bring back a rakeback program.
It must likely will do nothing for me but it will make Mondays a little nicer for some people.

This is a very nice program for peoples that are playing good money every week.

You opt in and if you don't make at least 25 points during the week then the points you made let say 20 will just be erased.

So for me this new loyalty program worth nothing since i will very rarely make 25 points in a week.

Not to good for casual players to me it is not better than Stars. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I think pinotte says it all on how this will work for the ones with a small grind.
But at least it is a nice move for all the rest.
It looks like that some of the good bonuses the sites had, are coming back?

well theoretically it is a good initiative, but in reality probably like 80-90% of it's players fall into the category of those who earn less than 25 party points per week, and with this their respective rakeback will be a massive, humongous 0%

This post by born2pokher has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
under the current points system it would be such a mammoth grind to get 25 points, will have to see now with the new system which is 1 point per dollar rake - so someone would have the maths on how many tournaments that would equal in $dollars

I now have 190 points at party poker mainly got these points on the party casino how can I use points I can get some tournament tickets or nothing else I can get my points are gone or I can still use them ?

Posted by vaci38:
I now have 190 points at party poker mainly got these points on the party casino how can I use points I can get some tournament tickets or nothing else I can get my points are gone or I can still use them ?

you have to buy tickets/use the points before the end of this weekend otherwise those points will vanish

I guess this weekend will be a busy one for the party poker platform.
Since robbo is saying this is the end of the time frame, all the ones that havent used the points
so far will start buying.
I bet there will be more brm members playing this weekend with their points.
Good luck to all of you.

I like this new system of rewards, it promises to be very good ... I think it will win many online rooms ... this will be the best, number 1.

But I believe this system is not gonna be permanent, how long it will last don't know as we all know good things always come to an end. Not having negative thoughts there but it's my opinion and I think I'm not the only who have it on mind.

All promotions have one purpose, to make money for the site.
Although this is not a regular promotion, since we are talking about rake back,
it is one that can stay for quite some time.
I dont think that a site, would have made changes to the rake system, for a short period of time.

Yesterday I noticed several interesting changes in Sit and Go tournaments (excluding Sit & Go Hero) on partypoker.

• $0.11, $0.22, $0.55 buy-ins and all heads up coinflips were removed.
• Significant reduction in fee. For instance, the entry fee for $5.50 heads up hyper is now only $0.11 (2.04% of $5.50).* This means the break-even ITM rate is a mere 0.5102 ($5.50/$10.78)!
• Much more games running throughout the day than before. (This could be a temporary influx of players.)


Edit: $0.11 (2.04% of $5.39)

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