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Poker pro agrees to Prop Bet - Eat $1K worth of McDonald’s food in 36 hours

A professional poker player has just agreed to a high-stakes prop bet in which the challenge is to try eating $1,000 worth of McDonald's fast food in 36 hours, and the prize if he accomplishes the dare is over $200,000! The poker pro who's going to attempt the challenge is Mike Noori (picture), who will be getting 5:1 on the bet declared by legendary tournament director Matt Savage. Nobody knows [...]   Read more » Poker pro agrees to Prop Bet - Eat $1K worth of McDonald’s food in 36 hours

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in this text I see that he want to lot of apple slices and salads,on this will spend 70 % of money,but still 30 % will be on hot food,burgers and others!so wonder who will affect on him this kind of junk food!

so did this eating bonanza started yet? i want to follow all of this epic action with semi regular vomiting in the midst of the fun... left and right burgers disappearing, French fried being annihilated and apple slices are being tossed into the stomach at will.

I will be damned if McDonald's comes up with new menu items.
$10 French Fries, $15 Ceviche Salad, $25 Premium Angus Beef Burger, $40 Kobe Beef Sandwich, $50 Special Deluxe Filet-O-Fish, etc! Then he might be able to consume $5,000 worth of food in 3 days, LMFAO!

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Posted by shokaku:
Guy surely likes to go all in.

... Big Smile< ...I'd hate to see the toilet bowl after buddy has gone "all in" it in the days following...!

... Confused< ...EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWW....!!!

Big Smile< heheeeeeeee....

You dont have to be fat indeed to eat much, but when you have a bigger stomach,
you can put more in it, i believe Smile

I have seen once a food competition on tv, in some documentary
and i got disgusted with it, left before it was over Smile

Yes people think of all kind of funny and interesting bets and then they go and try to do all they can to win those bets. I think some people are too interested in gambling and these bets are alzo gambling but a little bit different form, but it would be funny to watch dome short movie a about this eating.

He failed miserably, but it was apparently a stunt for a charity raise, so whatever. No such thing as bad publicity.
Shouldn't it be possible? If a skinny teenager can competitively eat 30 hot dogs in 12 minutes or whatever, why couldn't someone eat this much MacDonald's?
Clearly, the number of calories isn't all that relevant. At some point your body will just be trying to push it through your digestive tract without fully digesting, no? Any doctors out there?
So if the calories aren't the issue, then wouldn't having the ice cream or mcflurries be the way to go? They aren't "drinks" but would be processed by the body as such.
And I wonder if it's possible or likely that you'd do any serious long term damage to your liver? 200K isn't worth it if you give yourself diabetes overnight.

yeah,everything for publicity and for advertisement!who know what is behind this,but also he just dont know what to do in life!but now he is on news and on internet,so got what he want!hope that he wont try something like this in future!

In this case, it can save only a huge appetite and a really abdominal stomach ..... Of course similar bets are often found in the world of players but there is something new ... I wish him luck and great appetite
great appetite

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Poker pro agrees to Prop Bet - Eat $1K worth of McDonald’s food in 36 hours

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