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Drunken man robs a UK betting shop, headbutts glass door to escape

In a desperate attempt to flee the scene, a drunken gambler headbutted a UK betting shop's glass door after stealing £350 from the cash register drawer. The suspect, Lee Moore, age 31, resident of Westacre Gardens, Stechford, was caught doing the deed via CCTV footage. He managed to get away from other punters who tried to stop him and was seen running towards the door of a William Hill bet[...]   Read more » Drunken man robs a UK betting shop, headbutts glass door to escape

Drunken man robs a UK betting shop, headbutts glass door to escape  0   
wow what an epic exit... a headbutt on the double glazed glass door... i would skip the charges against him just due to the opportunity given to laugh so much about this breakout... only better scenario i imagine here would be not a headbutt but a butthead... breaking the glass door with his buttt

now he have 18 months to think about this and probably he wont gamble after he drink!to smash glass with had,what to say!and he only took 350 pounds!now he will be for long time in jail for this small amount!

Poor Sandra the cashier, even if I'm very very drunk I don't think I could do this. Must be something that crossed his mind when he is sober. Too bad we don't have the video from the CCTV recordings...

It is one more addition to dont drink and... Smile
Dont drink and play roulette.. Actually, dont get drunk and gamble at all.
You cant control yourself sober, let alone being drunk.
He lost his money and he is going to jail too...

A wonderful story from the heart of England on this occasion. Sadly there are all toooooo many people like Moore who take the opportunity to replenish their losses by taking from others and then using violence against them when they try to stop it. So one sore headed loser in jail..... for about 6 months before he gets released on tag to go and gamble and drink away to his hearts content once more!

18-months imprisonment! The perpetrator screwed up his life. He is not going to be able to get a decent job with a felony on his record after getting out of prison. Maybe he is contemplating how to escape from prison before completing his sentence.

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Ha ha funny man, i would like to see this action when he broke the glass door with his head, this is a bit strange to see him not getting a knockout to himself Big Smile must be well trained guy, also 18 months in prison looks very big, he didn't do much, he can return money and buy new door? Why prison?

This guy must have been desperate to do such a thing and i am glad that they have caught him. At least he only butted the glass door and not another member of the public

He clearly wasn't thinking straight when he decided to give it the old Glasgow kiss. Here have to be ways to break a door which are less likely to cause one injury, like a kick or an elbow. This poor fellow needs a time out to re-evaluate, looks like he's getting it.

probably he didnt do this becuase of money!he was drunk and mad because he lost money,but this is not such a big amount in england,so probably it was just because lost on roulette and now he will think about it for 14 months!

Yes he was drunk he kist his last miney and was really mad, but he didn't injure anyone or even worse kill someone, he only took a small amount of money and broke the door, yes this us a crume but not so big crime to get prison, he can get some fine and pay back the money stolen and order new door and maybe oay the cashier for stress

BankrollMob Forum » News » Drunken man robs a UK betting shop, headbutts glass door to escape

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