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Like title said Smile

7th with 77 left, 2.10 GTD, 5 KO for 1.00
Dollar Dollar Dollar

1/51 7 KO
Dollar Dollar Dollar

After 4 hours I'm still in 3rd with 35 left Smile
$2.70 GTD 7 KO for $1.40 Total : $4.10
First won $101
Dollar Dollar Dollar

Edited by PokerKing76 (27 May 2017 @ 20:58 GMT)

You had a good position all the way from what i see above, that held all the way to the
final table, where you managed to take it down.
A good payout for 4 hours of not work Smile
Congratulations and same luck next time Smile

You managed to stay on top all the game and finally made it for the first place and a very good return on investment.

It is not your first win and sure not your last congratulations and continue good work. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Not over yet...
You should read "Winner get $101" instead of "First won $101" sorry about that
Had a little roller coaster in the last hour of play
stack (1.4M)
all pre flop
UTG fold, fold, 77 (all in), me JJ (all in), fold, sb QQ (call), bb fold
J97 turn 2 riverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 8 for a str8 Big Smile
2.4M Chip leader
lost half my stack against AK with my JJ (1.1M)
Back first
Down 10th at break with 10 players left

Finished 9th $6.85 + $2.40 (12 KO)

4th to 9th had 1.6M to 800K should wait but my AJoff (sb) vs JJ (bb) was my last hand Tongue

Edited by PokerKing76 (27 May 2017 @ 22:18 GMT)

You made a mistake huh?
And we thought you got the first place Smile
I find that difference in prize money a bit huge from first to 9th.
Anyway you got a bit more of 9$ for your troubles Smile
Congratulations on your win.

It seems, you like the KO games and you have the right skills for this kind of poker Blink For this tourneys you must play verry aggressive and i think this was the optimal game for guys on tilt Big Smile Because they can kick out a lot off other players.

Many congratulations to you on your ninth placed finish and a very nice return on your investment. I dont think that you should be too hard on yourself for the way the last hand played out and be proud of finishing so high in the tourney

I truly congratulate PokerKing76 whose dedication and persistence are unparalleled and extraordinary. It is spirit, drive and devotion like yours that lead to ultimate success! Keep up the good spirit.

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