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Casino robber caught, found cash hidden in his butt crack

Whenever we read news about crime especially those involving casino robberies, we usually think that it is of a completely very serious matter. However, this one is quite an unusual story. A man named Nickolas Kevin Van Meter has been apprehended by police for allegedly robbing the Magic Diamond Casino located in Great Falls, Montana on the eve of Monday, May 22. BUTT, the story has a plot twist.[...]   Read more » Casino robber caught, found cash hidden in his butt crack

Casino robber caught, found cash hidden in his butt crack  0   
Bills falling out of butt crack? Now this doesn't happen too often. The more news I read here about casino and betting shops robberies the more funny they get- some break glass doors with their heads, some hide bills in their butt cracks Tongue

I thought i had heard of everything but this is a complete first for me. I have so many questions, how much can you get up there? and , how on earth, can you walk with so much in there??

LOL where the hell you find stories like these and who here has the responsibility to find them, are they real or fictional ones? I bet if he had a pu55y, he would have put some there too... Big Smile

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well in this scenario i reckon women have an advantage of being able to stuff more just by the virtue of having more cracks available for this stuffing action. kinda hilarious crime to be honest... i reckon this dude will be popular amongst the prisoners

what to say about this and not to laugh!who know what was in his butt before this,when he can put so many bills!but for only 354 $ he will get few years in jail!its silly how they dont know what to do after robbery and how they get them so fast!

Well they found 254 in his butt, but what happened to the other 100, cause according to the article was 354 Smile
Going to a casino with is one of the places with most camera's, to rob it
for not even a k Smile

Is that a stack of chips in your underpants or are you just happy to see me?

Dude, when stuffing your shorts it goes IN THE FRONT!

About 15 to 30-minute workout is an important part of my daily routine. My workout includes running on the treadmill, lifting light weights, pushups, crunchs, jumping rope, hip thrusts, squats, et cetera. My body feels tight.

i truly believe that some casinos cheat more often than usual i already watch some youtube videos and and its proven that that's why casino win is because they more cheat as usual that playing fair enough Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Well if you think of it, they do.
Take for example the ban they have on all the card counters.
Isnt that a cheating, from the moment the players arent using anything more than
their brains?
But who can go against them.
And from what i have heard, they share this list with the counters between them (casinos)

in his butt crack ? if you didnt know by now, this is where the saying "dirty money" comes from! Big Smile

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BankrollMob Forum » News » Casino robber caught, found cash hidden in his butt crack

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