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That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it kicking ass and takin names!

Have sat near the top for most of the run and have been top 10 for practically last hour and half.

Sitting 7/121 players with only 1 extra bullet and 1 add-on so far could be very profitable run. Top 40 pay out.

Also playing Featherweight : The Jab 5.50 $ Buy-in 7.5k $ GTD. Currently have a little over average stack with 62k. Top 168 get paid.

I'll be back hopefully much later with some final tables to report.

Wish me luck gang!


Pocket 10 vs pocket 9's hold add about 15 k to stack.

Also have about 80 BB in The Jab Featherweight.

Up to 80k After doubling up with Aces.

Looking good so far....

ouch what a dumb move pushed AQ into big stack who woke up with AK out in the Rebuy : (. pLying so well and just one lapse in judgement just cost me.

Also what really hurts only 19 away from cashing.

Edited by TheIrish77 (06 June 2017 @ 20:30 GMT)

I guess you are out of the game.
If i remember it right, i reade it here recently that the hand losing mostly in heads up is AQ.
You just validated the statistics Smile

Anyway better luck next time, there is no doubt yo will cash in soon. Thumbs Up

Just cashed the Jab : Featherweight 7.5k $ GTD on PP!

Sitting middle pack atm 106/187 players and looking for more. 11.67$ locked up so far makes this a profitable day and look to make a significant run hopefully to final table!

Now sitting 66/112 in the Jab Featehrweight

Just hit another break. After almost 5 hours of play now down to 32/76 with 622k blinds are 10k/20k so pretty healthy.

Chip leader currently has 3.5 million so some work to do but as long i keep the solid play up shouldn't be a problem.

Have 18.34$ locked up so far on 5.50 investment. Really need a final table to make this worth the time.

I'll be back with more updates as the action comes.

19/70 left

Just got super lucky pushed K10 suited into A9 and he hit A on flop then I runner runner K 10 to take hand. Now top 10/46!

again got super lucky but i'll take some luck this late for once.

WOW just picked up Aces against AK and held now 4/42 boys and girls.

It's getting very real

Edited by TheIrish77 (06 June 2017 @ 23:33 GMT)

I am railing you, but chat is not allowed for observers, you are currently 7th... nice stack Blink take it all down Blink

Just hit another break and now sitting 7/29. Positioned very well to make final table.

Could this be the day your boy TheIrish77 finally prevails with a good payout at the end ? Let's hope so.

B back when it's closer to final table.

Posted by StheP:
I am railing you, but chat is not allowed for observers, you are currently 7th... nice stack Blink take it all down Blink

Thanks buddy for railing. hope i can make you and the forum proud and take it all down!

well that was a rollercoaster wasn't it? crazy couple of hands.

Edited by TheIrish77 (07 June 2017 @ 00:14 GMT)

why did you shove there A2 after just min raise open? That is mistake biginers make, didnt expect that from you. You could 3-bet there if you wanted to mix it up, but shove 20+ BB with A2 after open is show a lot of weakness like you have some bad hand or in best case they will put you on mid pp there... anyway hope you will recover and dont do that ever again Blink

lol my internet stoped for 2 min and you went from 400k to 1.9m O.o how is that O.o

Edited by StheP (07 June 2017 @ 00:18 GMT)

You're right. It's something that happens once and a while with me. Start playing very loosely and making those mistakes. I'll try Dad not too make any more : )

how did you get from 400k to 1.9m? my net stoped for 2 min and boom you have 1.9m

doubles up twice.

K2 Suited held against AK aafter hitting 2 on flop.

Then pocket 9;s held against KQ right back like i didn't lose anything. Too bad i didnt have those extra chips now.

stupid me out in 13th one spot before pay jump happens.

Wow what a moronice play i tried and the guy kept calling me down.

55.04$ for my long day. 50$ profit which is okay but so close to better money. and right before a break!

I wish i had just folded : (

I think I'm going to be sick now. Good night

Edited by TheIrish77 (07 June 2017 @ 00:58 GMT)

saw that 56s hand... anyway better luck next time

Its still a very good run and i wouldnt be too hard on yourself on going out. Like you said, you like to play very loosely at times and this has worked really well in the past for you. A very nice $50 profit,so a very good day in the end

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