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Back 2 Back Days Final tables ? We hunting In here  0   
That's' right your boy TheIrish77 has another stack in a 1.10 750$ gtd rebuy.

Sitting 2/138 and registration is just about to close.

I just hit a AQ and hit a boat against A9 and 10's to almost triple up.

I'll update when i get into the cash or if something else big occurs.

Wish me luck guys!

Just hit another big hand to add 21k to stack back into 2nd after slipping to 10th.

Now at break after 2 hours of play and currently sitting in 2nd out of last 113. Top 32 get paid.

I used 2 extra bullets in this one with the add-on so i have 5.50$ invested. any cash will give me profit for this run but it's not about just cashing it's about final tables and bigger cash.

Gonna walk around the house for a minute or so to stretch and get back to it.

I'll be back i'm sure with hopefully positive reports!

Edited by TheIrish77 (08 June 2017 @ 19:59 GMT)

I congratulate you and wish you good luck ... you very often write about your winnings in tournaments and it means that you are a good player ..... maybe you should raise the rates ???? ..... although if you have any Then the strategy then of course you do not need to change it ... I congratulate and good luck

You are having another good run.
They must be intimidated by you when they see you on their tables, if they are a bit regulars,
with all the results you are getting Smile
I know i would.
Good luck taking them down.

Out after a couple of misplayed hands boys and girls. Got in after tun good but villain hit river to take good chunk of cards.

Then just got card dead for a vit and had to push late with A7 suited and bubbled after villain had A10 suited and hit his 10 and game over. disappointed but i'll take this as another encouraging sign of progress.

Seems like i have the knack for being around the top of the leaderboard for very long stretches and if i could just eliminate some stupid or/rookie like mistakes then I'd be so much further advanced at this stage.

I hope to make this a living in the next few months as my body will not let be continue working outdoors for very much longer.

I'll be back later with more results or maybe take break till tomorrow and start up nice and early.

Ill come to cheer you up Blink GL take it down!!!!

just saw you finished 2 places out of money... Sad

Another very good run for you and, i think, you are playing really well at the moment. I would like to see you move up a couple of levels and, in my opinion, i believe that you could easily hold your own at that level

The rebuy tourneys can be a verry interesting thing to win a big cash with a minimum buyin. Also the tourneys with a big guaranteed prize and not so many players are interesting, because you can build a big stack with only 3-5 rebuys.

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