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that's right your boy TheIrish77 is back at it and starting off wild and crazy. Playing a 5.50 $ 1K gtd 6 max turbo and 2 hands in and I have pocket 10's. UTG limps and I make small raise, he re-raises so I know he a little something but still played my ultra aggressive style that i've now grown into. And what do you know i see a beautiful 10 on flop and bang 2 hands in doubles up!

Hope this is sign of things to cme.

I'll be back with some updates I'm sure.

Also just too kvery early lead in the 750$ gtd " flyweight on PP. took a shot with just a insde straight draw against 2 flush draws and it holds and i hit 8 on turn and they miss flush.

Holy S H I T 2 hands in a row I just got Aces ! and got paid off.

Just gpt Aces one more time this time in The Jab! Doubled up and now have some chips to really make some noise with!

Man today has started off fast paced and hasn't slowed down for a second! Big hands holding up all over the place!

Hoep the gods are as kind later on in these runs when it really counts!

Wish me luck boys and girls today could be a very big day !

Edited by TheIrish77 (28 June 2017 @ 18:41 GMT)

well yeah this looks like a hot start, hope that you will be able to get the most use out of this fast and fruitful start, also lady luck must continue to show her booty to you throughout the evening/night. we will be waiting for more updates and wish you the best of luck tonight

Well i just flopped Quad Aces now Pochui!

Unreal but then gave back the chips from it : (

Now sitting 2/115 in the 750$ gtd 1.10$ Rebuy and just about to hit add-on. Looking good so far on this one.

Again i see you go in these tournaments very good, you must have some good strategy how to play I too see that you often start very well and often in the lead at start. Sometimes luck doesn't help you in the end but you still finish in the money very often and play on lots of final tabkes too.

You are doing good for one more day, leading you to the cashier Smile

Luck is part of the game. Getting good hands early on the tournament building you a big stack
helps you later one, when you are faced with crap hands Smile

Quick update as we just hit break.

5.50$ Featherweight : THE JAB 7.5K gtd. Sitting now 31/593 after just hitting trip dueces against pocket jacks preflop and them holding up . I more than doubledd up as another caller preflop put 9k in then folded. Good chance of cashing this but still early.

Also the 1.10 Flyweight 750$ gtd rebuy am now 14/118. made a few mistakes when i had chip lead but still have ample ammunition to bully some people around.

2 goods runs and as long as I cash THE JAB then it'll be a profitable day for TheIrish.

I'll be back with more updates...

now into 6th place int he 750 gtd.

Queens held against JJ all in pre flop. now 2 big stacks going at once. looking godo boys and girls!

blow up happened in THE JAB. now back down to 36k stack. awful 2 bad hands and now almost gonzo. Feel sick after playing so well for so long.

So i got bounced from the jab after some horrible plays but reregistered and doubled up immediately.

Not too far out of money spot and i felt I'm playing good poker just had a momentary lapse in good judgment.

We'll see if we can turn back around.

Nevermind just got some more chips and have 111k again. what a funny game this can be.

just got bounced from the 750 gtd. AK vs 66 all in preflop and i missed. 12 from the money i know than this. falling apart late here.

and i'm out of the Jab A1 suited hit mid pair thought i was good he hit trrip Queens and the dream is done for the day : ( played really well early but another late collapse ruins a potential big cash or run.

Time for some beers and wings with the boys tonight. Later all

Sorry for this disappointing outcome.

after some time to reflect on this recent blow up i know i need to make some changes in my lifestyle that will enable me to focus 100% on this as a possible career choice.

I will come back from thisr blow up and learn fro mthis mistake and knwo that my game is headed in a very direction.

I make mistakes but i hope i can learn from some simple life choices to make this a real attempt at possible future in this.

Thank you for all your support guys and i'm sure you'll hear more stories and bigger outcomes with less me making the mistakes.

Good night and see ya'll tomorrow.

TheIrish out Cool

Edited by TheIrish77 (29 June 2017 @ 05:57 GMT)

It is a shame that you didnt cash in either tournament after playing well for so long. In these tournaments, your concentration must be spot on every time and one mistake can undo many hours of good work

The check-raise from the first opponent looks like a AA with a trap, a good strategy vs. ultra aggressive players Big Smile But only when you get no suckout... And you are a 6-max player with experiense, so you have a aggressive playing style.

Wow! Quad Aces! It must have been exhilarating to flop the absolute nuts.
I am sorry to hear things didn't go quite as well as you hoped. Better luck next time.
I am certain that your next accomplishment is right around the corner.

Of course it's very insulting to start well and increase the stack and then lose everything and not get to the prizes .... but this is life and everything that happens in it ... do not despair and I hope to see a message about another victory soon ... good luck

I was sitting next to a guy in a tournament that had a name that said he cracks aces....sure enough he did with 5 2

with anything in poker its variance thats killer, but when its on your side you gotta ride that wave but then know when to get off because it can come to a screeching halt the very next hand even if you have AA.

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