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BankrollMob Forum » News » 2017 WSOP: Czech Republic's Artur Rudziankov Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Event

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2017 WSOP: Czech Republic's Artur Rudziankov Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Event

Tags: 2017 WSOP, Artur Rudziankov, Czech Republic
Posted on 05 July 2017 by "T".
With Artur Rudziankov's triumph at the 2017 WSOP Event #58 of $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em, he now became the second Czech national to have ever won the coveted WSOP gold bracelet. The event garnered a significantly huge field of 1,763 entrants, which has created a massive total prize pool of $2,380,050. Truth is, the number of participating players was so large this time that it called for an unsched[...]   Read more » 2017 WSOP: Czech Republic's Artur Rudziankov Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Event

  5-Jul-17, 10:03   #1
2017 WSOP: Czech Republic's Artur Rudziankov Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Event 0 

Joined: Mar '14
Location: Japan
Age: 46 (M)
Posts: 8983
Gigantic congratulations go out to Artur Rudziankov from the Czech Republic on being crowned champion of the 2017 WSOP $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em. $395,918 is a substantial amount of money. I wish him success in his future endeavors.

  5-Jul-17, 10:30   #2

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 10090
well another final table another table full of unknown names, deffo those bigger field tournaments are a matter of luck, all dudes are good players and you just have to have major luck at the right times to win when it matters most.

  5-Jul-17, 19:24   #3
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 43 (F)
Posts: 14109
Lower buy in and a ton of them playing Smile
Almost 2k players in.
And the prize for the first place was a good one.
Last paid also had a good profit.
It had to be very difficult, reaching final table on this one.

  6-Jul-17, 07:27   #4
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 7371
Many congratulations to Artur Rudziankov on winning this $1,500 event and his first gold bracelet. To beat such a massive field is an accomplishment to be very proud of and i hope he enjoys his winnings

  6-Jul-17, 09:36   #5
Joined: Aug '10
Location: Germany
Age: 48 (M)
Posts: 2210
Thats really a massive prize pool with over $2.3 millions and gratz to the winner! Over 1.700 entrants was a lot and it was really not easy to win this big tourney. But to win the first bracelet must be a greyt feeling for every poker player, money comes and go´s, but the bracelet are forever Blink

  6-Jul-17, 12:10   #6

Joined: Mar '11
Location: Russian Federation
Age: 48 (M)
Posts: 6547
Players of course it was very much and to become a winner is very very very difficult ... therefore this bracelet seems to me more honest than when a bracelet is played by not many players ..... I join the congratulations

  6-Jul-17, 12:30   #7
Joined: Jan '17
Location: Lithuania
Age: 62 (M)
Posts: 1756
Yes I too think this was a bard tournament to win with about 1700 players and all are really good pomer players, not like sometimes you see when play online poker people go allun with some stupid cards and i don't think there are many players like that on such tournaments likethis guy won in wsop

  6-Jul-17, 17:40   #8

Joined: May '09
Location: Croatia
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 9027
congratulation to him on great success,on first place and big first prize!to beat 1763 players is great and you need to know to play poker!buy in 1500 $ and almost 400 K main prize!he have only 29 years,so for sure we will hear about him in future!

  7-Jul-17, 18:28   #9
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Portugal
Age: 53 (M)
Posts: 1701
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Another bracelet for a new guy Thumbs Up Thumbs Up this proves that Poker is always renewing itself and the new players can and will have a word to say in every tournament Worship Worship

Congrats to him for the result and for sure for a very good poker play because betting a field that size must have been hard work Worship Worship

Don`t forget to be happy and enjoy life

  7-Jul-17, 20:13   #10
Joined: Feb '12
Location: Argentina
Age: 44 (M)
Posts: 221
Impressive triumph of Artur Rudziankov in the $ 1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Event # 58 of the WSOP 2017. Revenues are still being collected for players going to Las Vegas to seek glory. For all of you who can play these types of events that you would like to win as your main goal? The coveted bracelet or the succulent sum of money from the jackpot?

BankrollMob Forum » News » 2017 WSOP: Czech Republic's Artur Rudziankov Wins $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Event

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