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That's right your boy TheIrish77 is back today after a wonderful Canadian long weekend Celebrating our great nations 150th birthday and man it was a blast. Also Happy Birthday top all our American cousins to the south of us celebrating there Independence day as well.

Well on to the show for the day and already in high gear.

Playing 3 tournaments currently and have stacks in all so far.

5.50 $ Featherweight : 1 K gtd 6 max-turbo and currently sitting 1st at the moment. 1/134 .

Also in the Jab 5.50$ and have some chips around average currently.

Also in the 1.10 400$ gtd ko and have top 60 with 130 to go. Top 88 get paid.

Wish me luck guys and hope for

Just hit big hand in the Jab 7.5K gtd and now top 30ish .

Some stack in the 5.50 6 max but still top 20 at the moment.

Also just cashed the 400 $ gtd ko!

So gross got dumped from the 5.50 1 K gtd with Aces against Jacks and they hit quads. 2 hands before that get it in good again pocket 5's against pocket 4's and then bam 4 on flop. A few hands after Aces cracks and have no chips left basically so i push pocket 4's into guess who Pocket Aces and of course they held this time for villain again. Another good run destroyed by bad timing. \

Cashed the 400$ gtd ko but min cashed.

Still In the Jab 7.5K gtd. top 60 atm.

Some sick things just happened in the Jab and i got bounced. Min cashed this one as well and also justy cashed the 400$ gtd ko. sitting 19/44 with a couple of bucks locked up.

Cashed 3/4 MTT's run today so that's a positive but had lots of spots for big money and again the gods smite me when things are looking there best for pig pay outs.

Again i've had multiple opportunities to make it big but just can't get over this hump and it's super frustrating. I play some pretty sick poker alot these runs and to get upended by weaker hands and the goods not holding.

Still Another deep run going so maybe we can get a final table in today!

so sick just hit pocket Aces flop trips and they flop broadway. could'nt get away from it. Would have been top 3 stack but now 27/29.

Edited by TheIrish77 (05 July 2017 @ 22:13 GMT)

You had a good run. Cashing 3/4 tournaments is almost perfect Smile
Some would love to have such a performance daily.
Your big score is round the corner, so keep your games running.
Better luck next time.

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