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HI boys and girls it's your oy TheIrish77 and I'm back at it again and making some noise early on!

Playing in the same MTT that I managed to final table even though i had left with 12 to go yesterday. Still don't get how i wasn't blinded out but hey I guess if your near the 1/4 of the last 12 you should have some chips too play last you for a while. Sitting top 25 currently and just made a big hand.

had pocket kings and get a small push from 11BB stack ealry position and i flat call in small blind and BB calls as well making me very happy. J XX flop and I bet out he calls. Turn 10 i bet out he calls. River X and he pushed i call bam he turns over 87 ? He had an 8 hahahaha. Also picked up double bounty for this one !

Still early but chip stack is very healthy and moving on up!

1 more final table for TheIrish77 ? Let's hope so mates.

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GLGL now take it down!!!

top 10 again ! Big AQ hand got some chips got a bounty!

holy s**t Straight flop just hit and got another Bounty! 4th bounty so far and only using 1 bullet have earn 0.80 c out of the 1.10 buy-in.

just lost big hand Trip Aces vs Trip Aces and he had 9 kicker i had 7 he win the pot. lost 94 k down to 32ns overall out of last 200 with 104 getting paid out. Still good chip stack but need to play better though.

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Again I see the chronicle of victories of our gangster ... I wish good luck at the final table and I believe that in the end I will see a message about winning the tournament .... in any case, I congratulate you on a good game and good luck

just min-cashed this run so a profit is made again on a 1.10 buy-in.

Now just to not throw more chips away. easily could be top 5 or 10 atm but have played some really loose hands lately. sometimes good but mostly bad outcomes.

Still currently 36/100 but need to tighten it up quickly.

I'll be back with updates later on.

just got a massive double up to over 400k and back into top 20 with 69 to go!

Pocket 9's hold against chip leader as he calls my preflop all in with 97os and 9 hits right away bang!

Good stack and good opportunity again today!

ouch out 55th after calling a similar stack size and then hitting a straight on turn after shoving with 56 os. amazing but i called very light even though ahead pre-flop. my bad should not have but knew he was just taking blinds and i was right just got unlucky.

Got paid 3.39$ with the bounties earned (5) but man this could've been epic but again bad late decisions haunt me.

Always tomorrow and another chance.

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