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Get into eSports! PGL 2017 Stream & Betting Offers at Unibet

This Sunday the most anticipated Counterstrike event of the year will kick off. The world's best CS:GO teams will be facing each other at the PGL 2017 in Krakow, from 16th to 23rd July. Unibet is ready for the action and has a few great features around the event: Free Bet to all customers who bet on the tournament, A dedicated Live stream of the entire event live on the site £5,000 b[...]   Read more » Get into eSports! PGL 2017 Stream & Betting Offers at Unibet

Get into eSports! PGL 2017 Stream & Betting Offers at Unibet  0   
well i have to admit even thought the title clearly asks me to get into eports, i am more than hesitant doing so, i can go even deeper into this and admit that me ponder that this all esports thing is total crap, but hey it's just my personal opinion i guess i'm too old for this.

I too like pochui do not like e sports at all and I think if pochui is too old then what about me Tongue you can easy be my son with your age pochui and you say too old Tongue funny guy. I better watch real sports not some esports and make some bets on football or basketball

I had to check what esports is.
I wasnt familiar with the term Smile Apparently a tournament for video gamers.
And some of them have big money as a prize.
Who said you cant make money by playing video games Smile

A free bet is certainly always very interesting .... Of course, e-sports for me is not at all familiar (I certainly play video games but at a very amateur level and I only heard about e-sports) ..... but if there is a chance for a free bet, why Would not do this?

Some people will gamble on anything, right? Esports does seem bizarre to us old folks, but there are leagues, leaderboards, teams of players sponsored by various entities and companies, endorsements, fan sites, and they can fill a stadium with people who pay to attend and cheer on their favourite. So it's legit as far as I'm concerned.

In fact, it's more legitimate that some other "sports" which only exist because of the gambling element. Like horse racing. Do you think that this "sport" would be anywhere near the size it is now if the gambling element simply disappeared overnight? No chance. At least esports grew from the ground up and became popular on its own before betting on it became a thing.

I really had no idea what is going on there.
I watched a couple of videos in youtube yesterday, about the live tournaments they are having,
and the whole thing seems huge.
Teams, fans, same outfits, even sponsors Smile
In other words, today you can become a professional video gamer Smile

This is a very interesting and unique promotional offer from unibet. I have not tried eSports betting yet but it seems fun and exciting just like conventional sports betting. Good luck to all forumites participating in the promotion.

This post by Nightkid has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Welcome to the new age welcome to the future where virtual reality will rule in almost every area of our life and e-sports are the first step

We will support a team with real players that control game characters that move at a virtual space MAN that`s to must for me but still looks like a good promo

Don`t forget to be happy and enjoy life

Interesting proposal Smile

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With what is happening nowadays, with kids being born with practically a screen
glued to their faces, these events will gain ground.
And from the looks of it, the prizes will get bigger too.
It is just the beginning of it.

Very interesting why not. Free Bet to all customers who bet on the tournament, A dedicated Live stream of the entire event live on the site and £5,000 betting championship for eSports bettors only!
A good idea for unibet but if he wants to attract more players must change something to his software.
There are many who hate that software. Me I can not play in that software. If Unibet improve that software will have to win

Posted by Nightkid:
Hello, good morning everyone: D here I report again and again and through the forum as every day je as always and here present and going through the forum to read a few comments and see the different opinions of people hehe I hope everyone is well and I wish them the best Aww crap!

what a hell are you writing?what this post have with this thread?I see that you copy this post in lot of threads,so stop doing this if dont have anything other to say!you cant find some old threads and just copy same post in them!

I saw this thread to late and i´m not really a fan from eSport Events and bets. But this promo sounds interesting and with a little bit luck it was possible to win some extra €. But i think eSport gaming was the next big thing in the future.

And at some point is not east at all.
Have you ever seen videos with some of them playing the games?
We are talking that some serious skills are required there...
With all the buttons and mouse they have to hit.
Plus the speed they are doing it, is amazing Smile

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