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Sands Casino Fined Once Again For Underage Gamblers

Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem has increased security measures, built appropriate barriers, and even installed a modern ID-reading system, but underage gamblers still continue to successfully sneak in and play at the casino floor. On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board slapped Sands Casino with another $150,000 as penalties for 10 cases in which individuals below the age of 21 were ca[...]   Read more » Sands Casino Fined Once Again For Underage Gamblers

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This is becoming more and more regular and there will be a lot more fines in the near future i am sure of that. This is notoriously difficult to police and there are bound to be more cases

It is difficult to police, with the volume of traffic, and the number of entrances to a well laid out casino floor. But the law is the law. Nightclubs and taverns have the same rules and they do what it takes to abide. It's an "absolute liability" issue; if underage is on the premises then the law is broken. It doesn't matter how they snuck in or what measures you were taking.

Well in this cases I cant say that that fault is on casino,if somebody go with parent or take employee exit!but if somebody have fake ID,that is job for police,its not mistake from casino!if they ask for document and they see that ID is good,they cant do anything more!

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

Another fine and the name of resort again on the news for the wrong reasons but I hope that the cops raid the casino every day Thumbs Up Thumbs Up because Sheldon Adelson the owner of the sands is one of the great adovocates of the online gaming proibition so very good it`s only a pity that the bill was so small

Don`t forget to be happy and enjoy life

i don't know all the ins and outs of this situation, only the owners of the casino really know what are their true policy, but from what it looks they invested more than a couple of dollars to prevent these sort of things from happening, so they done a lot from their part.

well my son started online poker at the age of 16 playing under my name and won some cash too and withdrew it to my bank account and then asked for it, underage gambling is everywhere and yes even in some casinos. It is just the security not doing their job well as we have nice technologies nowadays so how is that possible?

Because money talks and security sleep. Intentional

I was about to say that they are doing very bad job at it, till i kept reading and reached the part,
where it says that every day 25000 visit the casino Smile
I had in mind a big number, but this number wasnt big after all Smile

But still someone getting into a casino from the back door?
Where is the security there?

Yes when 25000 people enter your casino everyday it is small number to have 10 people somehow enter casino when they are too young to play, and those 10 people enter not on the same day so in a month 7.5 million people enter casino and 10 go in illegal is this a big problem?

Of course people want to play any age ..... and then for the casino there is only one way out _ to check documents from all players (without exception) ... but if the documents are fake then in this case, of course, for the casino, there are problems ..... Confused ... problem is not solved

As for the entry of children under 18 to the casino, it is the rule and participation of the authorities and employees of the casino that this rule is followed to the letter. Now as for the minors that play online poker depends exclusively on the parents, they will know how to determine the participation and behavior regarding the game of their children.-

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In every casino an identity document is required. But that does not happen because all money is good for casinos why not. These guy should be put in jail not to do that anymore. I do not want my child to be accepted in the casinos. The law is not respected and the situation gets worse every day. There is no respect and is illegal.

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