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2017 WSOP: 1084 Players Remain After Day 3

Day 3 of the Main Event has come to an end and now there are only 1,084 players left. The money bubble bursted after about 14 hours of play on Day 3 when Quan Zhou and Roger Campbell were eliminated on 2 separate tables. While the remaining players celebrated that they made it to the money, Zhou and Campbell flipped for who would be the bubble boy and get a free seat to the 2018 WSOP Main Event. [...]   Read more » 2017 WSOP: 1084 Players Remain After Day 3

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Very well for the players who passed the bubble ... hopefully win the tournament to which I bet 1 $ jejejeje are 2500 euros of profits .. lucky good luck.

well it's aways great to be the bubble boy even in the odd $0.10 mtt not to mention in the world series of poker main event... kinda in big need of a serious holiday after this traumatic experience, maybe even massive overconsumption of alcohol...

Hello mu friends and fellow mobsters

Well at least one part of the goal is down reach the bubble is, at least for me ,the first target then the target changes to top X BUT THE MAIN GOAL IS FOR SURE THE FINAL TABLE AND THE SUPREME GOAL THE BRACELET Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Stay cool be nice and enjoy life

First goal reached for all the ones still in and that was to reach the money i believe.
Although some are targeting the final table only, so still not an achievement for them.

I would have been very happy though, even being the first one to leave with money,
in a tournament like this Smile

Yes I too think like Mober if i play in this tournament and I pay 10,000 for buyin maybe even a lot less uf i use some satellite i only have idea about how to finish in the money, of course when you make it you can start think about biiver money especially if your luck is good.

On the main event to get into the prizes of course very cool .... even if the minimum prize has already been left impressions of the game and the desire to achieve more in the future .... I'm very interested to read about this event

I imagine the satisfaction of each of the non-professional players who have gone to participate in the maint event in las vegas and can enjoy the same playing in the collection sector. I know several personal friends who have gone to try their luck, some have unfortunately been left in the way but others continue with the latent hope of climbing in the top positions.-

They have made it down to the money at last and now the tournament should begin in earnest. You will see a lot of people opening up more now and the eliminations should be fast and furious

now will start some great poker plays!we will see more of all in-s,because people are in the money and people will faster lose their chips!so every day we can expect less and less players!but this prize for bubble boy is great!at least something to take home and reason to back again at WSOP 2018!

As for what I am interested in this maint event I am totally surprised by the performance of the Argentine Damian Pampa Salas since I finished as chip leader on the 4th, and another Argentinean friend of mine as richard dubini also expectant in position 136 with 1 Million Of chips.-

Boom! Congratulations to all those who managed to survive the bubble in the US$10,000 buy-in 2017 WSOP main event. They are now guaranteed to take home at least US$15,000. Best of luck to all remaining players.

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