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ChampionChip Micro Series - $150,000 Guaranteed!

$150,000 in guaranteed prize pools will be up for grabs during 888poker's exciting ChampionChip Micro Series, running between 23/07/2017 - 30/07/2017, 18 tournaments with micro buy-ins starting at just $1! 888poker will also run a leaderboard (ChampionChips Winner's Gallery) connected to the ChampionChip Micro Series! Simply play in the tournaments, collect points, climb the leaderboard an[...]   Read more » ChampionChip Micro Series - $150,000 Guaranteed!

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These micro series events are a tremendous idea and they always seem to well contested. The chance to win a lot of money for hardly any outlay is a good thing in my book

yeah kinda have to join doubletop here and agree that these micro buyin tournament series is always a great idea that i think is really a low risk way to generate some buzz. there are always plenty of fellas with near $0 bankrolls who will be more than happy to see that they can be in the mix here.

This is certainly an interesting idea ... probably .... maybe certainly try to win a lot of money but I think this action is not very attractive ..... to win some money that will have to go a long way ... good luck to those who are trying to

I like this idea anout micro buyin tournaments series, I maybe even try to create account at 888 poker and try my luck with so much chances here go make some money with very small bankroll maybe even with $0 in at first if kuck is good at freerolls. Good kuck all who will olay.

This post by Nightkid has been removed, probably due to being spam or because it was irrelevant to this topic.
This micro series at 888poker and Stars are a big chance to win a lot with a small buyin. I don´t won amything this time but i tried only 3 tourneys with sat qualifiying tickets. But perhaps some mobsters had more luck Blink

The best solution is with the satellites tournaments. Is for all players who do not have a good bankroll. So they have the opportunity to play to gain entry in this ChampionChip Micro Series. A good thing would be that to work better at the structures of freerolls. Good Luck Players in this tournaments

Satellites are good for many players.
A good win from satellites can give you the opportunity to up your game
much faster, than what it would have taken with normal grinding or big deposits Smile
Not easy though to win the tickets with all that competition.

ChampionChip Micro Series on 888poker ended yesterday. More than US$150,000 was up for grabs. I hope many of our fellow forumites have made some money by taking advantage of this promotional offer.

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