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Man who won $5,000 got robbed at knifepoint while in casino restroom

Tags: casino robbery, Detroit, Motor City Casino
Posted on 19 July 2017 by "T".
Police said that while inside a casino's first-floor restroom, a 52-year-old man got robbed at knifepoint in a Detroit casino in the wee hours of Tuesday. Social media manager for the Detroit Police Department Dontae Freeman said that the armed robbery occurred just around 12:20am at the Motor City Casino located at 2900 block of Grand River, south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The victim[...]   Read more » Man who won $5,000 got robbed at knifepoint while in casino restroom

  19-Jul-17, 10:53   #1
Man who won $5,000 got robbed at knifepoint while in casino restroom +1   
Joined: Mar '11
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 51 (M)
Posts: 7371
I do feel for this guy and i hope they catch this man quickly and he goes to jail for a long time. I hate any form of violence and this man must have been terrified and i hope he gets over his ordeal quickly,

  19-Jul-17, 22:44   #2
Joined: Mar '09
Location: Greece
Age: 43 (F)
Posts: 14136
If he was playing roulette too. then there is no doubt there, that they have him
on the surveillance tape.
In bathrooms there is no video, but outside, cameras are all over the place.
Probably it will be a matter of time for his arrest.

  20-Jul-17, 09:51   #3
Joined: Aug '10
Location: Germany
Age: 48 (M)
Posts: 2211
Thats verry bad, at first he won a nice cash prize and than the money was gone. I hope the Manager of the casino didn´t do that Big Smile But outside from the restroom they have cameras? I think he can see which guy had stolen the money.

  20-Jul-17, 14:41   #4

Joined: Mar '14
Location: Japan
Age: 46 (M)
Posts: 8984
Detroit, like many places in the U.S., was hit hard by the recession. The Motor City Casino is located south of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, infamous for its homeless population, abandoned buildings, drug trade, etc. Detroit's good old days are over.

  20-Jul-17, 17:46   #5

Joined: May '08
Location: Lithuania
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 10090
yeah he was in a casino spent some time at the tables with the victim, so no problem figuring out who he is, and because you have to register when entering casino it is kinda stupid thing to do a crime under such circumstances. probably he was out of drugs money.

  24-Jul-17, 18:10   #6
Joined: Jan '14
Location: Romania
Age: 41 (M)
Posts: 6022
These casinos should to give bank ticket with the names of the winners on them. In this way they would not be robbed directly in the casino or near the casino. Security cameras can help a lot in this case. Thiefs need in jail many years because is a robbery with violence

  15-Feb-18, 23:14   #7
Joined: Jul '10
Location: Brazil
Age: 40 (M)
Posts: 464
hahahah this is very disturbing since it is a place with a lot of people and as the man told and one of those junkies junkies of the mother who are just stalking people to win to steal more think that haha he fucks

  16-Feb-18, 11:55   #8

Joined: May '09
Location: Croatia
Age: 35 (M)
Posts: 9228
this is big problem in america and almost every week we read about this kind of news!you cant even play at casinio anymore,because you dont know who watching you and who will attack you when you take some amount from casino!

BankrollMob Forum » News » Man who won $5,000 got robbed at knifepoint while in casino restroom

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