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Big Wins Are Coming Out Of The Cocoon!

Get ready to be immersed in a world of fluttering butterflies and tropical flowers in Butterfly Staxx, NetEnt's latest video slot. These glowing butterflies are not just stunning creatures, they're also going to bring you the biggest prizes in the game. Free Spins and Re-Spins are also on the reels to help you get the best rewards out of the cocoons, with a non-progressive jackpot of 840x your [...]   Read more » Big Wins Are Coming Out Of The Cocoon!

Big Wins Are Coming Out Of The Cocoon!  +1   
sorry but the offer of immersing myself in a world of fluttering butterflies and tropical flowers just doesn't sound manly enough, so will probably skip it and hope that somewhere along the lines comes the offer of becoming immersed in a world of melons, vodka and cannabis.

It must be an interesting slot. Will search to find a fun play with it over the net,
to see the features that it has and the payouts.
Always fun trying a new slot, even for play money.
Unless you have a go, trying the game first never play for real money on it Smile

These slots games are really taking over the gambling world and there must be thousands of these games to choose from. I find them too complicated but it would be nice to read about a few big wins on here

The next slot offers an interesting game? ... this happens often enough ... this time a slot on what kind of butterflies ??? ... I do not think it's interesting for me ..... of course in the new slot are possible interesting Winnings ... good luck trying

Netent have some interesting Slots in their network and with free spins it was no problem to try some of them. But overall are Slots not my favorite games, because it was only luck to win something. But we all hope to crack the jackpot one time Blink

Maybe it is nice to try some new slots and this new slot offer good 840x maximum win which is a lot so if younare lucky you can make some good money. I personally more like to play blackjack and roulette but sometimes I do visit the slots in casino with my friends on the weekends

And if the truth that nowadays is full where you look there slot games and for all kinds of tastes haha but well hopefully one could choose what kind of runes put and put anything ... but you must believe that when doing these Serves to attract more to the women who are the ones who play the most or the truth do not hahaha Shock

It is a colorful slot, but then again which one isnt.
From the first try out it didnt look impressive in terms of graphics involved.
Concerning the wins now, it wasnt bad, but i have seen better than this one.
I have it in background today with auto play and 40 cents per spin with 5k starting money.
Lets see how it will go. Smile

Butterflies? Seriously? Can't it be more manly, like dragonflies and preying mantis, or swarms of killer bees?

I tjink because this slot is with butterflies is is more created with female players like major players, men probably will play it only if they read some information that it pays wery good, but if not they will not want to play this butterfly slot I think. But I maybe am wrong

I did run it yesterday for a bit more than 2000 spins, good thing they have the auto spin,
won the feature only once though, but besides that, after all those spins it was down only
2 $.
I was spinning for 0.40 each time.
So it looked like a good one , if you want to clear requirements Smile

BankrollMob Forum » News » Big Wins Are Coming Out Of The Cocoon!

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