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well im buxxing i played a freeroll for the championchips wvent qualifier and i finished in the top 50 which gains event qualification didnt realise it was the qualifier for event 16 which is the 50 000 marathon main event which has a 30 dollar buy in. sweet roll on 6 days time lol Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I won 1 ticket with 1 $ buy for 29 july. This game also has rebuy and addon. Is easy for me but for you It's harder if he has rebuy and addon. You have to play more careful do not rebuy anymore.

i not but rebuys are 30 dollars there are only 444 registered at the min so we will see you watch il have pocket aces first hand go all in and get screwed that just my luck lol Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I congratulate on a good achievement .... I wish good luck in the upcoming tournament and when you will achieve a good result there I think we will all see it on this forum .... good luck in the game and again congratulations ... good work

Anyway it's a good tournament. Why not have an experience with others who play bigger amounts. Is good for you. If you finish in prizes, it's even better. Cool

I have played these qualifying tournaments but I have not been able to enter until now, As you will see there are many possibilities of being able to do it yet, so we will continue trying in these next days.-

A good tournament ticket for a nice game.
You will have the chance on winning big money there.
Congratulations on your win, good luck on the upcoming tournament,
and next try pay better attention to the games you play and their prizes.
It may change the way you play the tournament Smile

Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

First of all congratulations on your result and hopefully you will to great at the main event Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
About you not konwing the size of the prize maybe took the pressure of your game and didn`t block your game Confused Confused

Best luck to you in upcoming tournament

Don`t forget to be happy and enjoy life

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